Security Minded | Reviewer: Bambi of the Casanova Crew | 3/5/13

My name is Bambi and a I am speaking on behalf of the Casanova Crew, I mention such because we as a crew (Peanut,Hootnanie,PomPom,Football,Tiny,Cletis,Bigman,Lil Jay,Josie Wells,Chill Will,Gary Green,Dato,Fox,Tito) to name a few were very much a part of this because if it eas not for the srcurity of us (Casanovas) hiphop would of not gotten off on a financial standpoint if we was not putting our lives on the line. Of cause we were not the only security force out because other Dj's created there own security but until they did, it was Casanovas All Over!!! But we get no props especially from Grand Master Flash who we really put our lives on the line for. (Thank you Not so much Flash, you are a real swell guy) soon we the Cadanova Crew will come out with a book and some memoirs, about things that happened back in the days. We are looking for a reputable hiphop magazine to grant us a proper interview, if you are interested please call Mr. Reid at 718 781 4146, if he is not available please leave a message and set up an interview. We sign out in the name of peace, we also give mention to our creator PEANUT, R.I.P. my brother, we all love you & never will forget you, in your name we continue to strive on, CASANOVAS ALL OVER,,, PEACE!!!