This is a song for my ex girlfriend | Reviewer: jediman | 4/24/13

This song describes exactly what my ex girlfriend did to me. I've long gotten over her, but when I hear this song it always brings me that funny feeling. She definatley is "somebody that I used to know"

Summary | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/30/13

This song has a very strong meaning to it. It talks about how someone had a relationship that obviously wasn’t going too well. The person singing the song is describing his/her sadness over what happened. They’re explaining that they went through a rough relationship with somebody and that they don’t know what the person has become which explains the title: Somebody that I used to know. In the chorus of the song it is explaining how the person did something wrong in the relationship and that they couldn’t deal with it anymore. Also throughout the entire song it is letting of a mood of sadness and sorrow. It says “No you didn’t have to stoop so low,” obviously pointing out that the person did something that was completely wrong in the relationship.

maeystiiff | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/26/12

ohh my god i always try to relisten to this song for the nth time <, at frst i just cant relate ,, wll i, never been inlove upto now but......., ohh my! how sad of this song ,.last night i played this and here i come << tears were flowng from my eyes... gret GOTYE ... THIS IS THE song of my life >>.

Howbgood is that | Reviewer: Sarah | 6/13/12

Just loved the lyrics.the male singer seems to be infatuated with a past flame.
His most recent lover has obviously had enough.
At first she believes they can be friends but most probably becomes dubious about even that when she comes to recollect their relationship is not the real thing, and makes the correct decision to make a clean break from him.
He too knows their relationship is not the real thing, but a complete break leaves his ego damaged. Her friends collecting her records emphasises she does not feel any need to see him, and consequently will not be changing her mind.
They both conclude they are both somebody they used to know.

This song is the only thing left on the radio that's relevant | Reviewer: beliver that never died | 5/29/12

This song is obviously amazing I never really listened to the lyrics before until recently & I now love the song! Although I've never had a boyfriend I do relate to the song; I think about my cousin who ditched me to hang out with pretty much everyone else & the part in the chourus "you didn't have to cut me off" is my favorite line cause everytime I tried getting in contact w/ her she just ignored me & treat me like she didn't care anymore & now she's just someone tht I used to know. Great song I love it!

Somebody That I Used To Know | Reviewer: Tim aka 'Kevlar Tim' | 5/7/12

Like I said for La Roux's "Bulletproof" I could have used this song in the past. (and I called myself 'Kevlar', like a bulletproof Kevlar vest.)

I can identify with many lines like "Told myself that you were right for me But felt so lonely in your company" and "But you treat me like a stranger" and "Now and then I think of all the times you screwed me over" and "You can get addicted to a certain kind of sadness" but anyhow...
It was an odd feeling to me when I had the "....I was glad that it was over" feeling. It was like a good emotion and sad emotion at the same time(bittersweet?).

... :/ | Reviewer: Sir Psycho Runner | 4/30/12

In a nutshell, these are ALL of my relationships. First time I heard it, I cried but I've never found a song that describes exactly what, its like bittersweet, and its still true, but overall though, Gotye has a sick voice, and I loved the beat.

Great Song | Reviewer: Hardy | 3/7/12

It's a brilliantly worked record. It's obviously about a breakup and therefore we can all relate to this song. But it is his vocals that get me, songs very similar to Sting. No one other than sting can sing like that!! But Gotye isn't far off. Keep it going!