As you do mine | Reviewer: Angela | 2/4/08

When you did everything you could to keep someone away of all those things that hurt, and though that you can´t understand... there´s no explanation, just you and lost feelings that you can´t put into a place, and they just make you go in a circle...
it´s a mess.

Poignant! | Reviewer: Jonathan Herr | 1/15/08

I agree with Meckii in the fact that it could be about the earth and what we're doing to it. When you look at the images of the earth when the characters are walking around it, the rivers are brown and it doesn't look too healthy. Also the snake-like guy in the suit is standing/sitting on a SMALL piece of ice (melting ice caps, etc). It seems that each of the 'characters' that the main character 'picks up' is kind of representitive of something wrong in the world. For instance the first guy he picks up (to me) seems like he would be a person in some sort of military unit (war in iraq perhaps?) and doesn't seem to be too happy with it (either that or he was injured in fighting...) Anyways.. Surreal imagery, and cool/haunting music. I like it. :)

different interpretations | Reviewer: bess | 1/8/08

I think the song is about a guy who is in love with a girl but she won't get into a relationship with him coz of past experiences/issues or something.

I agree with the people that think 'staying chaste' has nothing to do with sex and really means staying out of a relationship. He admits that love/relationships can be dangerous so she is free to sleer clear of all that but he won't waste his love/wait forever so she has to make a decision whether she wants to be with him or not.

but Music allows everyone to make their own interpretation.

My interpretation | Reviewer: Samuel | 12/3/07

My interpretation of the song is largely what other people have been saying in that he is in love but she is afraid of love. But for the last stanza however, i believe that he is trying to say that love is unpredictable (love aint safe) but if you stay morally pure, decent and modest (chaste) in the way she approachs the relationship by giving it her all and showing she can love him then they should have very little problems of anyone getting hurt. The last little bit is just saying that if she doesnt make her mind up soon then he wont stick around

last stanza | Reviewer: shay | 12/3/07

i think he's saying that if she's too afraid to love because of past hurt then he cant wait around forever and will move on so not to waste his love and living of his life.

sheer brilliance | Reviewer: Jacki | 11/24/07

This song is simply stunning in every aspect. The video, the arrangement, the instruments, the beat, the lyrics. The guy is a "freak" (in a good way)

As for the final stanza - I don't know why people are having an issue with it. To me it's clear he's simply saying just what he's saying throughout the song - because you're so fearful and afraid of love, other people, life etc you stay safe and 'chaste' but at the same time you lose your connection to the world and your 'self' and you close your heart to life (and to him!!). The song gives me chills and I can see why he said it has other interpretations besides a simple love song!!

Proceed With Caution | Reviewer: Fast Girl. | 11/25/07

I really love this song and I got into it as my friends are huge Gotye fans so I thought he deserved a listen. I must say he is a musical genius. As for the final lyrical stanza I think its about being cautious of love. Where it says "Love ain’t safe" it means it isn't a sure thing. "Staying chaste" does not only mean in a sexual sense but steering clear from love and relationships all together. If you stay away from it, you can't be hurt by it. So he is telling this woman that she can wait until she is ready to take the step, but he doesn't want to waste his love if she's not interested or is never going to come around to the idea of loving him back.

Moving | Reviewer: Steve | 11/21/07

I agree with most of you. This song is a very emotional and involving song. I don't think that the last stanza, however, is a bad thing. He is saying that it's better to wait, but he doesn't want it to be taken for granted. At least that's the way I took it. My girlfriend recently introduced me to this song and it makes a lot of sence in light of our relationship. I love her, but her seemingly detached attitude is rather hard to overcome sometimes. I know that in her own way she loves me too, but perhaps some things are better to wait for. I'd rather show her I love her by waiting than try to rush things and leave the opposite impression.

Cruel, if you are reading this, that's how I feel. Hopefully you can accept that.

The sex issue | Reviewer: Amanda | 11/5/07

I think you guys are over-interpreting the last stanza.

I think 'chaste' can be more broadly interpreted as 'not getting into a relationship.' The last two lines are essentially communicating the fact that he'll love her, but if she can't get herself together enough to give affection back, he's going to leave.

=) | Reviewer: Meckii ( | 10/29/07

I watched an interveiw with gotye recently,the song and the filmclip (which is brilliant)is actually about The global crisis (your hearts a mess, But you wont admit to it) the heart being the earth and the denial most people are still in over warming.

But he said its pretty much up for interpretation

As for if you take it in a relationship tense:
the last stanza,
Love ain’t safe
You won’t get hurt if you stay chaste
So you can wait
But I don’t wanna waste my love

Im pretty sure he means
love hurts, Dont rush into anything, Even though I love you, Dont rush into sex or love.

well thats the impression i get.

But Gotye is a Genious. Even a mad man (in a good way) if your willing to go that far.
he does all the instruments himself, in his own room.

This song is amazing, i listen to it whenever i need to think or clear my head.
its really good, At night i lay in the backyard (or in my room) and listen to it on my ipod in pitch black darkness, Its a really good song to listen to. I admire gotye, I really do.

Heart Ache | Reviewer: bonnie | 10/28/07

As many have described- this song is moving, it grabs your heart, stirs emotions and then shoves it back in like a reality check.
I was going through a hard time in life, and this was dedicated to me. I think its something we all can relate to- that is to be connected-whether that be to loved ones, a special someone in our lives, or some other deeper meaning.
The song makes me sad but emotionally vibed. The sadness is overcome with emotions of longing, wanting and craving a connection.

Love it, (But lose the last stanza.) | Reviewer: Matthew | 10/25/07

I feel more like it's my heart that's a mess, rather than someone I would sing it to. It's a beautiful song, and I really respect the singer for his attitude to the whole thing until the last stanza.

I feel like the last couple of lines imply that he'll fight for her and try to help her and live for her only as long as she's willing to sleep with him, otherwise he's wasting his love. What a letdown to an otherwise beautiful song.

And since when in the thousands of years of human life has chastity ever been viewed as a flaw?

Wow. | Reviewer: Feena. | 10/8/07

My boyfriend actually told me to listen to this song..
Wonder if he meant anything by it.

But really.
That song is very moving.

This Song Is DEEP!! | Reviewer: Krystle | 10/1/07

Wow... this song is amazing!!
i heard it on one of my mates myspace pages.. so thought id check out the lyrics...
Its really sad but moving at the same time.
so many people can relate to it...

I keep thinking that a certain someone special is maybe thinking this way about me or i hope so, n im thinking this way about him....
lol life n love can be so confusing as it says really everyones heart's a mess!!!

It made my heart ache and that is not easy | Reviewer: Graeme | 9/14/07

I'm 38 and and ex-soldier, Ive seen enough messed up s**t to harden a couple of hearts but this song really makes an impact every time I hear it. I think this will be one of those songs that still moves people for a long long time.

Most of us have probably loved someone that makes us feel like that