Friends.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/20/11

Wow perfect lyrics. I have feelings for my best friend who just recently ended a relationship of few years with his ex. He thought she was the one. I thought I was getting through his hurt and finding my place in his heart but it seems like his HEART IS A MESS... I don't know if waiting is an option, what if after a year I'm still just a friend?! Can I move on without fully trying? Let me occupy ur mind as u do mine...

Taken aback | Reviewer: Tenrai | 12/6/11

Love ain’t safe
You won’t get hurt if you stay chaste
So you can wait
But I don’t wanna waste my love

It is a beautiful song but the part where he says, "But I don't wanna waste my love" is a bit acrid for me. what does he imply? If you don't give into my lust for your voluptuous body, well then, I'll look for someone who does. This sounds like being promiscuous should be celebrated and staying pure till marriage is the new vice.

If the song would have ended with something like, "and I'll wait right here with you" it would have been exquisite. Love is not about satiating carnal desire, it is being passionate, devout, ardent to your lover. Waiting, yearning, smoldering in flames of love yet being within the bounds.

Nice song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/22/11

Am I the only one that thinks this song has a double sense talking about sex?
Sorry it seems so superficial...
I admit the last words of this song are so sad, I hesitated in listening to it ever again...
Great artist!

How terrible. | Reviewer: Joe Paine | 9/30/11

Coming from having been in some really TERRIBLE relationships in the past, I can completely relate to this song. In the past it was terribly hard for me to open up my heart to my at the time girlfriend. It took me work, but inevitably she could push through, and now she's all I can think about. The only person i want to be with. Its easy to see where you've gone wrong in life when you become retrospective about it. Of course that girlfriend is now my wife. We had an argument today, and she Dedicated this song to me publicly on facebook along with "somebody that I used to know" ...ironicly it wasn't even an important argument, but it really establishes how she views me. Now I'm wondering when the divorce is coming. Gotta love how women repeat the offense that puts you in the place where you just wanna lock it all away again. Then again, maybe its in who I am choosing to love me.

Links with the Video | Reviewer: anonymous | 5/5/11

Having watched the video, I prefer to give an interpretation linked with it, so the piece is more cohesive as a synthesis of visual and audio art.

I think the song is about the destructive powers of hate, and the persona is attempting to relate the benefits of love and compassion. It serves as a warning, like the video, which is essentially an elaborate metaphor for the end of the world. Each figure represents a negative emotion or aspect of life; the crutches one is War, the stork stands for the destruction of animal life, the woodsman of plant-life, the skeleton represents Death (its a cliche, but the most obvious representation to me), the reptilian one stands for Loneliness as it is alone in the lake. Gotye in the song is the announcer of the Armageddon, with the spider pulling the eternal night and the end of the world with it. Gotye attempts to appeal to the people to love each other, in vain and eventually he is the only one, along with his messenger companions that leaves the Earth as a memory, the dstructive memories that have overshadowed humanity itself.

Heart a Mess | Reviewer: Leigh | 4/8/11

I find the concept of Tahsha/Reviewer: Anonymous posting on 3/10/11 intriguing. Never looked at it that way. However after reading your perception I can totally agree. I love this song. It's haunting, and gets to your inner core.

Tahsha | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/10/11

Pretend the one singing is god, the formless, presence, unconditional eternal love (not 'romantic' love) or whatever you want to call the formless being that we all truly are. it is singing to humanity. It is talking about how we are all in the mind (ego). identifying with thoughts and things. not realising what we really are.. which is love and formless.

Let me in
Where only your thoughts have been
Let me occupy your mind
As you do mine

its pointing to the need for us to be love and still our thoughts and let love/presence/god /formlessness (whatever you want to call it) occupy your mind.. stop living in fear with a mind full of fear based thoughts.. if i dont have this nice stuff i am less... if i dont look like that i am less... they are saying i am wrong, that means i am less. fear of being less... if you really go to the core of all discordant thoughts they are based off fear... fear of inferiority and a desire for superiority (out of fear of inferiority)

we have totally forgotten that we are all love due to living in fear for so long.

You don’t get burned
(’Cause nothing gets through)
It makes it easier
(Easier on you)
But that much more difficult for me
To make you see…

we ignore the awareness in us that is telling us how much we are causing pain and living in fear. we just push it out with more thoughts.. because that realisation would mean that we are 'wrong'. not realising that until we face what we are doing and how we are living we are only causing more pain.

Love ain’t safe
You won’t get hurt if you stay chaste
So you can wait
But I don’t wanna waste my love

its kind of a wake up call... realise now the love that you are and start living from the heart and realise when fear is gone the universe supplies everything... there is no need for fear.

we will all need to be living from the heart very soon because we are about to go through a tremendous and positive shift that we will only be able to be a part of if we are living from the heart.

all the dysfunction of our world is not causing pain amongst us but obviously mother earth... i love this song and film clip...

that is where i think the song is coming from.. but yes... it is up to interpretation.

friends | Reviewer: anonymous | 1/20/10

generally the meaning seems pretty clear. however it works on a lot of different levels. my best friend is/has been in an abusive relationship and confided in me. she loves him so much and now they're getting married. i tried to keep her safe by being there and now she won't confide in anyone, and definitely won't talk to me. embarassment of the situation keeps her all locked up so now no one can help. i think about it constantly and wish so desperately i could help that it makes me feel like this anytime i have the guts to think about it. love ain't fair, so there you are.

I love this song | Reviewer: Broken Heart | 12/28/09

I am so broken hearted as the guy I have gotten so close to over the last 6 months has told me he doesn't feel anything for me which I have guessed all along as he hardly ever shows emotion or feeling but we always have the best fun together. How can I feel so deeply for someone so shallow? It hurts so much I can hardly get through the day. This song has true meaning for me. I love the whole album. But this is the song that hurts.

Amazing how much I can relate to this one! | Reviewer: Mario | 9/28/09

I broke up with my girlfriend a couple of weeks ago. You could say we split up because we were too different kinds of characters. But I could never explain it as thoroughly as this song can.. It's amazing, it's like every word here describes what the problem in our relationship was! Her heart's a mess, I was there to fight and help sort it out but she wouldn't let me, as this song describes

"But I’m desperate to connect
And you, you can’t live like this".

Amazing and sad song...

Yultradent opalescence | Reviewer: Asher | 9/2/09

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Hearts A Mess | Reviewer: Lanah | 7/14/09

I love the fact that the lyrics have so much emotion behind them, you can easily relate. Usually songs just have lines of lyrics that are only there so that they rhyme with others, but the lyrics work so well together!

The song is incredibly sad, and it is effective because most people know exactly how he feels. We dont want to get hurt; we dont often take the chance to open up and take a risk. It makes you feel so sorry for the guy who is obvously willing to give everything to the woman he loves, but she isnt ready.

Love isnt easy.

Very touching. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/17/09

This song chokes me up when i hear it. There is someone really special to me that this song speaks to on a very high level. It also speaks to me. Without going into too much detail we've feelings for each other but she needs to be alone to heal her heart as it is unfortunately, a mess. She's told me not to wait, but i will.

A thousand blessings to her.

Review | Reviewer: Monkey | 11/27/08

Every time I hear this song, it chills me to the bone. The riff is like a heartbeat, and the creepy layered vocals are alike to the voices we all hear inside our heads.

I think it can mean anything, depending on what the listener wants to hear - it could be a love story, it could be a moral warning or it could be about the narrator's guilt.

random | Reviewer: rosie | 2/6/08

i think basically you can't be in love without being hurt, because everyone is faulted in some ways. however if the love is strong enough you can overcome it and become stronger. its never fair, and everyone stuffs up, basically i think hes saying she is afraid to open up and let someone love her, because its risky, he's trying to let her know its worth the risk because any hurt can be mended