Brilliant, touchin' song! | Reviewer: Amy | 12/31/07

this song has such meanin, with the background noises and lyrics it really makes u think. I luv it, what a creative idea!

Love this song! | Reviewer: Kaleigh | 12/21/07

I got introduced to the gorillaz by a friend. And ever since I LOVE THEM! So when I heard this song, I feel in love with it!haha
Its a bit mellow sounding but its Awesome!

senses | Reviewer: chris tea | 12/11/07

i love to hear what those wierd clang effects at the beginning are. i have heard them i just dont know their names. maybe they are just synth effects or some extracted movie sounds. or just maybe plain chimes.

Great | Reviewer: Danny | 10/8/07

Great song, good job on the lyrics, but one thing:
you typed "aluminum" when he actually is pronouncing it the British way "aluminium" besides that it's great, and being the perfectionist that I am I pointed that out :P sorry

this song is so pretty | Reviewer: brittany | 12/18/06

and sad. it reminds me of the old blur song "Sing."

so pretty! i'm glad i found this- it's a shame it didn't work on the album...