Reviews for Feel Good Inc. Lyrics

Performed by Gorillaz

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just heard | Reviewer: Holly | 6/22/07

I have never heard of this band, just heard the song for the first time. I could have sworn that it was CAKE with OUTKAST!!!

I like 'em.

i love this song | Reviewer: cao huiming | 6/21/07

i am a chinese boy .i heard this song from a english program.i love this song.

? | Reviewer: jskar | 6/17/07

i love the song, i just dont understand ehat it is about

n/a | Reviewer: viet_soldier | 6/18/07

the windmill is about peace that's where 2d (singer) wants 2 be with his love (noodle) but he's locked up in his mental prison that's filled with death (just look at all the bones) his goal is 2 get out. it means always try and never give up

FGI Song Description | Reviewer: Da Johnny | 6/18/07

the video depicts it more, but its about the corrupted world of today and all the hell thats happening with it, then it cuts to the Windmill theme, and thats more like a memory, a ghost of the past, of what the world was, then it goes back to the nightmare, and the singer(2D) is chanting "feel good" to himself, trying to convince himself everythings going to be ok, that the world from the windmill theme will come to him.

THATS whats the songs about

Feel Good | Reviewer: Courtney | 6/15/07

Don't get the lyrics, but one of the most original, awesome songs EVA!!!! HOLLA!

meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/14/07

just watch the music vid to see the meaning. he's stuck in aa tower called feelgood inc. which is a brothel looking out the window he can see an island with a windmill on it floating in the sky. iys about the yearning for innocence in a time of despair and experience.

The lyrics make no sense to me | Reviewer: trystme | 6/11/07

It seems as if the words don't really go together, like some sort of wild poetry that has to be explained to me by my English teacher. I love the song. I need to listen to it many more times to get a grip on what it all means. Here is a link to the full explaination:


feeling good | Reviewer: chibuzo | 6/9/07

this song is too good. i love it and i've always loved gorillaz video concept - no emotions. una gorillaz welldone no tink am. i'm from nigeria

about the song and what its about | Reviewer: kari melody minimoto | 6/9/07

well i personally think this song is great and the animeation for the video is awesome and stuff but the chorus is about [or what i think its about!] love forever love is free lets turn together you and me hes comparing love to the freeness of the windmill and how it kepps on turning no matter what hes saying why cant people be free to love like this windmill turns
and windmill windmill for the land is everybody in means to ask someone is everyone up for the idea of being able to love anyone they may meet

this is whats its about | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/7/07

the song was actually inspired by the novel 1984 which talks about a society which is conviced a war is going on and there is no war. the war is an excuse to get people to feel good about their jobs.(the tower with russel 2D and Murdoc would be the people that have convinced th populus that a war is going on0. and one guy in the novel figures out wuts going on and he tries to convince people to rebel with him but nobody belives him hence noodle alone on the floating piece of lan with a windmill on it (its to signify enlightenment the chourus is the guy trying to get people to rebel with him but nobody will)

Infectious beat.... | Reviewer: Lioness | 6/7/07

very danceable and addicting!

I was thinking the Windmills line was a Cervantes reference (Don Quixote tilting at windmills).

Have not seen the video or interviews.

You all are FUNNY!!! | Reviewer: Liv | 6/5/07

Why are you all fighting over the meaning of a song? I think it's hilarious that you take music that way...who says it has to have a deeper meaning?(By the way I heard it was about drug use...JJ...but all like the song, so just let it lie)... just my opinion of course....I LOVE GORILLAZ!!

pwnxorz | Reviewer: koolaidho | 6/6/07

I love this song. Its my and my x-bf's song. i never realy understood why but either way i love it to death. i once went 24 hours listening to it. sitting in my computer chair lol.

review | Reviewer: none | 6/5/07

man i like this song be4 i read the lerics, now i dont like it =(

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