Reviews for Feel Good Inc. Lyrics

Performed by Gorillaz

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Genius Mixing | Reviewer: kate | 11/10/05

I can't get this song out of my head. The voices, lyrics and beat touch my inner core. I can't stop moving when I hear this song. I love it, love it!

Great | Reviewer: sam | 11/10/05

I absolutely love it....gorillaz, you rok

Cool! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/6/05

Believe or not, but my 11 month old son loves the song! Every time “Feel Good Inc.” is on, he drops all his toys and stays still listening until the song is over!

reiner | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/1/05

this song is dam awesome rock on gorllizas u rock man i like it but i didnt get the meaning i think its that the guy is traped and the whole city is like dying or destroyed kinda confusing but its realy cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love to my ears | Reviewer: Zaria Kinross | 10/29/05

I think this song is just soooooooooo inspiring. On 16/10/05 I had turned it up sooooooooooooo loud and am still listening to it now. [The people next door told me to turn it down but they have no good taste in music].
I have a major crush on 2-D he is sooooooooooooooo cute.

perect, nearing flawless | Reviewer: gothreview | 10/22/05

"Feel Good Inc." is a refreashing and well laid out meanage-e-toi mix of genres. While the better-written parts of the song are in a pop style, it also mixes in a rock backround and rap half astoundingly well. 5 out of 5.

awsome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/18/05

this song has such a deep mesage that i cant even begin to understand it, or mabye it just dosnet make any sense eather way it is the best song ever

Cool fcking tune | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/14/05

This tune is just a blast to listen to. It really will get you movin. The video is very clever as well. FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS.

Awesome! | Reviewer: Shades | 9/25/05

at first, i think i hated the song... but then the radio was so persistant and kept playing it, and the more i listened to it, the more i luvd it, now everytime i hear it im like, dancing on the spot!! :D

Wow! | Reviewer: Someone | 9/9/05

This is awesome... I think it's kinda wierd about the guy being like trapped and the city is like dying... I dunno. But I like the mixture of styles and the windmill part.

Chanting | Reviewer: Robin | 8/29/05

it sounds like its saying an incarnation, or something with the windmill part, which i find is AWESOME! I hink that if a person wanted to write a song, they should throw in some chanting of something interesting, and soemthing that doesnt make much sense, but at the same time is meaningfull and beautiful. IM gonna write a song that has a "poem" (ok its an incarnation, but whatever) about a dragon. OH btw TH1S S0NG PWNS J00 AND 3V3RYTH1NG 3LSE!!!!!!

yeah | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/29/05

this song is really good when it is the singing. I dont really like the rap parts though.

Gr8 choone | Reviewer: Holly | 8/27/05

This is a wiked song n i luv it. the video is well wierd though

SICK | Reviewer: Matt L | 8/29/05

This song is awwesome. I agree with other people... there are wierd lyrics but its the top rated song in my iTunes. Buy the album even if its 15 $!

Feel Good | Reviewer: Jib | 8/27/05

This song is about smoking weed. Thats what "feel good" means. Now instead of saying "lets go get high", i tell my friends "lets go feel good". Ever since 'Demon Days' came out, i have been playing it all the way through constantly like i did with every other Gorillaz albums. Im kinda mad that the Gorillaz are main stream agian though. I just hate when a band i like goes main stream. I have one word to discribe this song: Fuck yeah! Tell me what u think of my review

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