Reviews for Feel Good Inc. Lyrics

Performed by Gorillaz

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SWEET SONG | Reviewer: Mugen X | 7/22/05

THIS SONG IS SWEET! I CANT STOP LISTENING TO! Its the first song on my Ipod too, sure the lyrics are weird but thats what makes the song good!

Dunno why | Reviewer: Is of no importance to you. | 7/20/05

I dunno why I listen to it, but I do know this: It's amazing, and I love it, and it rocks my socks

Infectious nonsense | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/19/05

There is a nice passage that Albarn seems to be singing; the rap segment means nothing. But it's danceable.

feel good inc. | Reviewer: rowan walthorne | 7/14/05

amazing song, even though is about death its not depressing its amazing. its the best from this album and it kicks the other albums ass, its awesome

Hmmm... | Reviewer: *cough* | 7/14/05

I've just recently heard this song. Uh...the music vid is kinda weird and the lyrics don't make much sense, but the overall sound is really cool. One of my faves. I just wish I knew what the song is even about! Anyone know? email or IM me AIM:cwdoggie

Monkey show | Reviewer: Herbie | 7/3/05

It's soooo cool that if I miss the show on Video Hits
I'd blow my head off!!!

What Can I Say? | Reviewer: Tabitha | 6/29/05

This song obviously rocks... the lyrics are a little far out there, but it really makes you "feel good"

I love it!

Orgasmic!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/21/05

Feel Good Inc. makes you feel like your god. This is one of the few songs out there that makes you wanna get up and run around screaming yay yay yay, eventhough its a depressing song.

Gorillaz??? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/19/05

well i think this is one of the best songs i ever heard and i donĀ“t listen to such a music!!! i listen to black and death metal normally!!!! but this song rocks!!! i love it!! the windmill part is best!!! :-) i listen to it now *gg* well i think i have to get the full album!! perhaps there are more good soncs like this!!

kick @$$ $ong | Reviewer: :P>anonymoose | 6/18/05

This is sucha great song and i agree with the person that says "if you dont like this song then burn in HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" so ya and the muzik vidyo rocks and it is a sweet shong

this songs the best!!! | Reviewer: lemony5858 | 6/18/05

ive listened to it a million time and im still goin strong..this song rocks!!n any1 hu says differently can f*** done..

Gorillaz!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/16/05

This is the best song ever done!!!!!!! Except maybe clint eastwood but i love it!

whitegrape | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/9/05

love forever, love is free...
Love this song! Overplayed slightly. Oh well. Still listening to it :)

Yeah... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/2/05

Yeah, it's pretty rad. And about my favourite part: the windmill verse/chorus I think, is supposed to all weird and abstract. :P I adore that part, meself. Gorillaz rock! 2-D(name of animated lead singer)'s sooo cool!!!

Effing Awesome | Reviewer: Knight Of Ni | 5/28/05

I love the Gorillaz and all of thier projects...and i love this song...ive played it to death and my friends are sooo annoyed with it...

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