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Performed by Gorillaz

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Read it people | Reviewer: Indigo | 8/4/07

Read the end of the Rise of the Orger (Gorillaz auto-biography). Noodle isn't dead.

the truth | Reviewer: SiriusSpade | 8/2/07

They said noodle was suppose to die, but she didn't. The real story is on wikipedia under murdoc niccals. It tells you about this dude who had a grudge with them and wanted to get rid of noodle so he can be in a band that he thought murdoc would create after leaving the gorillaz. He was in the tower when it was falling and noodle would have a parachute and jump out of the tower before it crash which leaves the guy dead. It's on wikipedia. check it out.

Gorillaz | Reviewer: Damon | 7/27/07

People weren't lying when they said that Noodle dies,but it was only in the video.Very sad,but I'm pretty sure it was only for the video,she couldn't be leaving the Gorillaz.El Manana is a great song,the lyrics are very interesting if you take the time to read them.

Actually... | Reviewer: red | 7/12/07

El Manana is correct... it means tomorrow or morning... Think about it like this: The morning of the next day is the tomorrow.

As far as the way you're all trying to figure this out, most interpretations are correct.

By the way, this song is linked to the song Feel Good Inc.

El Mañana | Reviewer: Jamey | 6/6/07

Sad, sad song. Read the lyrics, they're awesome.

Has anyone else told anyone that Noodle dies? I heard it once, and it was the biggest load of shit I ever heard.
Noodle must never die.

xplanation | Reviewer: piller | 6/5/07

ok...to0 clear things out for you el manana Noodle doesn't was a set the rise of the ogre murdoc tells that she safely parachuted before it crashed.

explanation of what happens | Reviewer: piller | 6/5/07

Noodle doesn;t die...and also she was the main guitarist not singer...two D is the was a set up and she parachuted off before it crashed (Rise of the Ogre, xplains it more)

the meaning | Reviewer: raven | 5/19/07

The meaning of the song is about the group Gorillaz losing there best singer NOODLE. that was all a hoax because she comes back in there new album "Slowboat to hades" w/new vocals from her. This song sometimes gets me teary eyed just buy listening to the words and watching the video.

more interpretation | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/29/07

It's pretty necessary to see the music videos for Gorillaz songs. Going along with the loss of innocence theme: the sister song, Feel Good Inc., shows the rest of the band trapped in a tower looking out at the simple pleasure of Noodle's windmill, which gets destroyed in the Manana video- that seems to confirm Saran's comment.

this song and it's title | Reviewer: GorillaGerg | 4/2/07

Well wouldn't Ell Manana mean he tommorow cause if it was the tomorrow it would me la manana so it it just a grammical error?

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