It's about suicide | Reviewer: Dan | 4/26/11

The song is about suicide. That's why he says, "I ain't happy, I'm feelin' glad". The rap verses is supposed to be the voice in the back of his head and his "sunshine in a bad" is symbolism for the idea of suicide. I'm not sure if this is confirmed but it seems like a likely meaning.
Also, I am thinking it could be about drugs as well. That other guy's explanation made a lot of sense. It's really all depends on how you think of it, really.

Lyrics ~ | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/9/10

Guys, he IS happy. "I'm happy, feeling glad," not "I ain't happy, feeling glad." I know the song is pretty surreal, but even so, how does the latter begin to make sense? I thought it was well-known what the right lyrics are.

BTW: wonderful song. Del was my favourite, next to Murdoc :3

I agree | Reviewer: Why the hell do you want my name? | 11/15/10

I agree with the lecturing guy but anyways I also agree with the guy who says it's about drugs. That's the first thought that came into my head when I heard this song... Drugs... Especially the I ain't happy I'm feeling glad I got dunshine in a bag I'm useless but not for long the future is comin on part... Not that I would know though... Just kidding! But seriously it makes sense. And like sometimes people do drugs when they're depressed... I'm useles but not for long... And... I ain't happy... So that's my guess too. I love gorillaz!

fast and bulbous | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/4/10

"To what the poster who posted the deaper meaning comment, why does 2D represent the average American? Are you so arrogant as a nation that you fail to see or are too ignorant to do you homework, that Damon Albarn, the guy who created the Gorillaz and sings the chorus, is British."

Are you so fucking arrogant and stupid as an individual that you can't differentiate between an individual and an entire nation of 300 million people? I read plenty of idiotic comments from people all over the world on the internet, and never once have I felt the need to lecture and trash an entire country just because one village idiot that happened to be from that country said something stupid. And you have the nerve to talk about arrogance? Take a look in the mirror. And go to the dentist.

what it really is | Reviewer: John | 9/13/10

Acid, its a british guy, its about a corporate worker getting into the weekend.....hmmm some very good points behind them and they actually all work together to the truth behind the song....its political....acid opens ur mind to the possability of conspiricies and some r true...him being british would make sense cause they r fucked up worse then us and we r headed in the same direction..and being about a corporate guy ehhh maybe something corporate in it but about the evil corporate empire that is out to mental destroy and brainwash the general populose...i probable wont b back to read responses so email me

acid? | Reviewer: Samantha | 7/31/10

Bit of a long shot guess, but to me it sounds like this song could bea little bit about lsd... Especialy "I aint happy, I'm feeling glad i've got SUNSHINE in a bag, I'm useless but not forlong, the future is coming on"

Too much of the lyrics in this song are things you discover or think about while on acid lol but yea... I could be way off idk what this song is about.

Not so clear... | Reviewer: Sara | 7/29/10

I know people have very strong opinions about this song but here is something to consider. The writer mostlikely had a particular situation or issue in mind when composing these lyrics and noone can know exactly what that was. But part of the true art in lyrics is leaving them open to fit a particular thought that each listener may have so that you relate on certain feelings evan if they dont come from the exact same situation. Perhaps there is an overall message but thats not necesarily the idea.

to my typical anonymous reviewer. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/24/10

i smiled at that bit.
but off that topic; this song (to me) speaks on conformity and the blindness that is our world.
take it how you want it, but if you know the gorillaz, it's not about lsd, or mushrooms, or weed. there maybe a reference or two, but i don't think that they intend to make it seem like it's all the hype.
in their songs they are going to be aware of the society, mostly what's unjust about it, and they are going to make it to where you have to think about it.
" the essence the basics, without that you make it. allow me to make this, child-like in nature."

Typical | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/20/10

To what the poster who posted the deaper meaning comment, why does 2D represent the average American? Are you so arrogant as a nation that you fail to see or are too ignorant to do you homework, that Damon Albarn, the guy who created the Gorillaz and sings the chorus, is British. Just because he has an American rapper, doesn't mean it's about American society. To everyone else posting, Damon Albarn was the singer and main songwriter of Blur, which are very socially aware. Look up the songs Parklife, Girls and Boys, Country Life, Best Days and Charmless Man, you will see by looking up the lyrics for those songs how socially aware this man is. So, that being said, this song is likely to be along that vein as well.

newbs | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/13/10

This song is obviously about the drug sunshine... that may not be the ONLY thing it's about but it is definitely one thing. Sunshine is a drug, and the chorus: I got sunshine in a bag.... duh
What do you think the Beatles song Here Comes the Sun is about when they repeat: Sunshine, sun, here we come!

french review lol | Reviewer: gizmo | 7/14/10

the song has no particular meaning, or maybe its too wide, but u can apply what it says to many things, and remember , random exists. everything doesnt always have an explanation. but i"m maybe wrong. peace

WHAT I THINK IDC WHAT YOU THINK | Reviewer: nick | 6/2/10

I see the song about sunshine in a bag... sunshine is a type of acid and panaramic Beowulf has how you see on acid and no squiling remember its all in your head the acid trips can seem so really you just have to remember Its all in your head so don't tell people what's going on.... there's more but this is pointless the next person well agree or disagree I just wanted to share what I think...

Ehem... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/27/10

I think the song is about a ghost, telling the band which is trying to kill with zombie gorillas, that everything they're saying is fake, and they should continue on with their lives.
Russel will probably be killed first since he's incapacitated because the rap ghost is now free.

And 2-D is the only person who actually follows the ghosts advice...and...well...nothing tried to kill him XD

so basically the meaning of this song is, "Listen to the enemy, they use reverse phycology to much"

a deeper connection and spirituality | Reviewer: connect. | 5/26/10

their is many meanings to this song, but if you listen closely, it tells you about a deeper connection between nature and us. Something that a lot of humans miss, but is so obvious... We are all a organism, we are all alive, we are all connected even spiritually. You just need to believe, and if you believe, you will realize that their is much more to life then what you can see, hear, taste, feel and smell. Lets all help each other, be happy, think positive. Don't let YOUR feelings get in the way. The only way for us to move forward is to help each other, not hurt people around you.

think, we are all connected.

The Facts | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/25/10

The song was inspired by the 80's rock band Loverboy. The song Everybody's workn' for the weekend is the concept of the gist. I ain't happy (friday morning pay day) i'm feeln' glad got sunshine in a bag, i'm useless but not for long the future is c'mon on (weekend). Ya'll think you're such deep thinkers. LOL. The song goes on to describe the erratic thinking of a corporate junkie. Once the weekend is kicked off, he escapes his cage (office cubical). The confusion of a lost soul bounces back and forth about what he could be, or, if happiness lies in another form of who he could become. His fantasy is so real, or, his life is so fake. He forgets what's real and what is just illusion. He does this by choice because his friends are all part of this fantasy that is just a coping mechanism to deal with the mundain life that they all willingly accept.
The song is Called Clint Eastwood because he dirrects his life and others for the sake of showing you what he wants you to see, not what is.
You're all welcome.