Drugs ruin families | Reviewer: PMaximus | 7/30/07

No people ruin families the last time I checked..Anyway this song is defently got a place in my top ten...Feelings, sensations that you thought was dead (yup)
No squealing, remember that it's all in your head

If you have ever smoked pot on a regular basis this lyric would make alot of sense to you

Wonderfull | Reviewer: natebond | 7/29/07

This is one of the Gorillaz's best songs. The rapping by Del is very well done and somewhat describes what it is like to be mentally crazy. I am a big Gorillaz fan. The Gorillaz are my number one favorite band. Enough said.

god damnit | Reviewer: dean | 7/19/07

mother fuck...gorillaz is done by over 50 people through the control of one man and an artist. the story of russ is that he was posessed as a child and got kicked out of school and later got an exprcosm and he was better. then he joined the gorillaz as a rapper and the group got destroyed after Murdoc slept with 2D's girl and russ punched Murdoc in the nose and broke it in five places. (keep in mind that Russ, Murdoc, 2D, Noodle and the story behind gorillaz is all fictional)Then when russ left the group, he got reposessed by Del, and Del is now in russ performing for Russ and he comes out in Rock the House and in Clint eastwood. The song is about drugs as well as supernatural experiences. Special K, they arent trying to make money, they're explaining the storry of Russles Re-Posession.

An altered view on altering your state of being | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/19/07

Great song!
I ain't happy but there's always hope:
Have you not ever heard the expression “I’ve got this one in the bag” (means I can do it – I’ll be okay/good)
– I was a child of the sixties and I’m no babe in the woods now” but you do need to see with your mind -- not everything has to do with drugs (although anything from “Mary’s Little Lamb” following her around, to the altered states of “Bleach” can be interpreted that way if you have a one track mind - as a test/game try to think of something that tells any kind of a story or even any painting and you will see it takes very little creativity to be able to come up with "evidence" it's about drugs).

If you arn't moving on with your life the future will also be useless and that's not what the song says - so no it is not drugs (oh thee of one track mind) It's not dope....
The bag holds HOPE.

whatever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/4/07

The song's whatever the audience wants it to be. Based mostly on "I see destruction and demise
Corruption in the skies (that's right)
From this fuckin' enterprise," I think the song's about how corporations take over people's lives and make law "lawless."

weakness | Reviewer: Ex | 6/27/07

I think its trying to portray the weakness in humans... drugs, temptations.. Russ is probably described as the "demon" in everyone, thinking they cannot survive without him. The zombie gorillas are probably the feeling of "guilt" chasing after the guilty(guess why they chase Murdoc). "I am useless, but not for long"... maybe trying to say that the futute is bright. The sunshine is probably "hope" though.

WTF? | Reviewer: PO | 6/12/07

For any of you to think of drugs as "sunshine in a bag" are pretty stupid. drugs bring out the worst in people; they ruin families; they kill people. how you can associated drug to sunshine...puh-leeezz.

Clint Eastwood | Reviewer: Jamey. | 6/6/07

Juvenille. Listen to the music and you will hear the meaning of the song.

wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/1/07

you guys do relize that the gorillaz is really 2 british guys right?
you guys are looking way too deep into this
first of all if sunshine is definetly a hint to drugs because on track number 17 (left hand suzuki method) the sound at the begining it a water bong being lit and smoked
second of all del is the one creating the beats russel plays
three dies anyone notice the keyboard pattern is a carnival song from the movies?

rriiiggghhhtt.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/25/07

you guys are soo over analizing the song... just leave it alone... its a good song to listen to while youre stoned AND its a good song to listen to while youre straight... its just a good song overall....

WTF | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/15/07

Your all lame ass idiots >.> it ain't "Spiritual" Nor is it "Fucking drug related", Its just some mindless lyrics created by the dude who runs the voices, Now shut the fuck up and crawl into your insignificant holes in the ground you whores

clint eastwood?? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/14/07

i fuckin love this song....but why is it called clint eastwood it says nothing about him lol someome reply plz and answer this....thanks

Uh... | Reviewer: Yomi Kogarasu | 5/10/07

I don't think Gorillaz music is targeted toward a "younger" group... And as for clumping things together as "Drugs" being naive, it's simply logical. There would be no point saying "Sunshine in a bag obviously means crack" or "Obviously they're talking about meth." It makes no difference, except showing off how streetwise you are by describing all the drugs you know about.

WTF | Reviewer: Special k | 4/26/07

I believe all of you are reading way to far into somthing that isnt there.. I mean come on the group is trying to make money.. and the crowd or group of people that they perform to is a "younger" group and around 95% of them do or have experieced drugs....Soo there for they are trying to sing somthing that can be interpreted as drug related or "spritual" song to better connect with the buying market...I think yall should just enjoy the song and go on with your day....just a thought....

Mmhmm. | Reviewer: Barbie Richards | 3/2/07

The rapper is a guy named Del who was inside Russel by way of demonic possession. He wasn't the only one , either. There were a few people in there. They've all been ripped out by way of exorcism now , though.

You'll notice him alluding to not controlling Russel ("Through Russel not his muscles but percussion he provides") but that it's not Russel who is 'kicking tunes.' Russel is playing it as it comes from Del.

I dare you to doubt me.