Rhythm | Reviewer: Ben | 4/24/10

This song, for those who don't pay attention to the lyrics, is about the music enterprise being horribly corrupt, and how it has gotten to the point where they have forgotten about the rhythm, maybe not forgotten is but abused it for profit, and basically Del tha Funkee Homosapien (the man who raps the verses) is personifying himself as Rhythm and he has been freed from the corrupt grip of the music industry, he actually calls himself rhythm when he says that he is in them, being all of nature, and that you can’t change the fact that he is in everything. You can get more belief he is rhythm when he says that he is timeless and intangible. He goes on to say that he is going to stick around with Russ, the drummer of the band, and be a mentor to him and help him get the full mastery of rhythm. There is also an underlying theme of how you should download music illegally, which could explain why they name it Clint Eastwood, seeing as how Clint Eastwood was an actor who played many a role of an outlaw in the Wild West, and nowadays the Wild West outlaws are the ones who download music to screw the music industry and they’re corrupt ways. The truly brilliant aspect of this song is the fact that at the end he says that all he’s trying to do is help Russ, and even is Russ wants to tell on Del tha Funkee Homosapien for trying to convince him to do illegal acts, he can’t because everything he told him is in his head…. Try listening to the song with this thought explanation in mind.

Look | Reviewer: Theatre Queen | 4/9/10

Look, a group is a group wether they talk about things that you don't like or not. Gorillaz are a solid group and sometimes poeple don't understand there lyrics. My final word is that if you don't like the gruop keep your comments to yourself, cuz your not making the money!!!

FREE YOUR MIND | Reviewer: crsonja | 4/1/10

You're all wrong and right

It's about everything and nothing, it's about life, and more precisely , how our mind is blinded and imprisoned by stuff like work, possession etc . By extension, government, institutions etc which means OURSELVES. This is a bout freeing your mind, see the world o its globality and go back to the essence of everything, the nature, which is the only true beauty in this world, but we are blinded by so much things... It's about what some call spiritual awakening, not see thing though what's others told you, or with your eyes, but with your MIND (the third Eye for some)

(and sorry for my english, i'm human, but a french one, according to some people :p )

deeper meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/26/10

No its not about drugs. They mention one toke which is a drug reference. But that's not what the song is about I literally listened to the song and read the lyrics for hours just to figure it out and it was hard to figure out. 2-D represents the average American in this song unhappy and stuff. But with a little bit of money we fell happy for a short time. Like a quick fix. Also right now to the government he is useless but they are refering to a revolt. That's why he is unhappy but he is feeling glad.The key line in this song is " you see with your eyes, you see destrucion and demise corruption in disguise. From this fuckn enterprise. Now im sucked in your lives (to tell the truth.) Through Russell Not his muscles (not through his actions) but percussion he provides (but through is music)" saying we fan see him now cuz we dont see with our eyes we are Perceiving him as a symbol. He is saying in the end of the rap lyrics saying badically don't go blabbing to the enemy about this and remember you will be labeled a paranoid crazy person, or a conspiracy nut is what he is saying when he says its all in your head.

Founded the meanings only now | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/22/10

It's about how someone that watch the world with it's inner self ...
Basically rapping voice is Russel inner self that, after exiting, say that every guy should be watched and liked for waht he is... like Russel for the "percussion he provides"

Wtf?!? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/18/10

Who ever thinks that clint eastwood is about drugs is retarded. Itis about getting out of bad times. For those of you who think that a bag full of sunshine is drugs are also retarded. The term is used in a clint eastwood film (i forget which) to describe a Bag full of money.

Ok, Enough. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/16/10

Right, the answer.
The song, is about Del, the ghost, possessing Russel (that is Hobb's, the drummer) and appearing through him, just like in the music video.
It has nothing to do with drugs blahblahblah
They were just recording and Del came out and did the rap.

(For those of you who require an extra hand when thinking Gorillaz aren't real people, they are an animated band. So there isn't really a black drummer called Russel Hobb's possessed by a rapper called Del.)

heroin | Reviewer: Michelle | 3/8/10

its about dope. how he cant do anything until he gets it in "Nah, I couldn't be there, now you shouldn't be scared
I'm good at repairs (s'all simple), and I'm under your snare
Intangible (aww dawg), I bet you didn't think so I command you to
Panoramic view (you?),
Look I'll make it all manageable"

I got sunshine in a bag
I'm useless, but not for long, the future (that's right) is comin' on

Another state of mind | Reviewer: RAF | 2/6/10

This is not about drugs at all. It's about another discovering another state of mind, a state of healing and happiness, a new perspective of existence, returning to our original state, uninhibited by social laws and much more. Don't think about the lyrics, just let them flow through your mind and allow any feedback to exist. You will get there.

I have known this song for a long time now, but today is the first day I understand it :)


To the perceives of the mind | Reviewer: Baker | 1/31/10

Comon it's so simple it's about where one with earth and we should all be at peace. But this evil enterprise in disguise which is the goverment has made use percive with our minds. So he ain't happy he's feeling glad because he's got sunshine in a bag, which means he's glad because he's got acid. For those who havn't tried the drug acid it opens your mind and makes you realise all this and alot more and you feel peace with the world like you never have before.

drugs come on o.O | Reviewer: genesis16 | 1/17/10

okay this is the biggest crap I have heard, Gorillaz had never made a song about drugs or anything in that matter, so I can't really see the reference to that, it's really....
.......male cow's doodoo

But what the hell what does it even matter. It a humping butt take down song, really terrific. Gorillaz is great, still if I had to come up with an idea of what the song was about it would probably be about, your alter ego, the bad/wise/assertive inner you, maybe even your consciousness. At least it isn't something you could see outside because(what I think is one of the most important lines), the last sentence del said was NO SQUEALIN' AND REMEMBER THAT IT'S ALL IN YOUR HEAD.

Why so serious? | Reviewer: Kiki | 12/25/09

I believe it's important to know the meaning of such a song, but this is going overboard. Opinions are important, don't get me wrong, but I have been reading these reviews and its a pointless argument thats going nowhere. Now, some say drugs.. others say 'future'. Deadend.

I think its about meth XD | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/29/09

haha you guys make me laugh, its a song and you are arguing about what it means. Well it just may be that not one of us is even close to what the song really means and we may never know what it really means because we didnt write the song. Now get off this site, go outside, and live life.

Champ | Reviewer: aj lunardi | 12/27/09

This is just my take on this song hang in their its kinda crazy. I think he is trying to say that in the future marijuana will be legalized but until then he will be "useless" to society because what he likes and makes him feel better is illegal and has to do it with all the other loners who smoke and sell weed.

who cares? | Reviewer: elly* | 12/9/09

frankly, i dont give a shit wat everyone says it means. who does? everyone has their own interpretation on the meaning of the song. wether yu think its sumthing to do with a gorilla, a movie, a dead friend who posses him or watever other things yu can find in this long list of comments of people complaining and arguing, why does everyone need to kno wat yu think of the lyrics? or in other words, why does anyone care. cus a lot of people dont including me.