I realy think its a message | Reviewer: Akira | 11/16/11

For me, its seem to be a message about the world now. Not just the musical company, but about how the whole world is being controled.
The idea is that everyone is being, of some way, influenced by the guys in control. The media, the governament, the industry, the big ones. They choose what we have to think, what we want, and we live like we dont see. And we cant do nothing about because we are 'fine' (glad?) the way it is.
I could put a meaning to each world in the music, but would take too long and no one would read it,
so... keep just the idea!

ZZZ | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/14/11

The meaning of song could be anything, its stupid to argue. Point is that you can take a stone from ground and say 1000 different stories about its existence,same thing here but a little complex, enjoyyy

I agree with the abstract lyrics thing previously said | Reviewer: whatthemeh | 9/6/11

The singing vocals seem to be from the viewpoint of a blind audience, and the rapped bit seems to be an 'incarnation' of the music industry- non sensical lyrics put to an addictive beat, how this can be solved. The iroony of course is that if you look past the incessent (and effective) rhyming and assonance of the rap, it seems to be talking about some abstract 'intangible' power- and power that eminates through all thing (every tree, child etc) and can be condensed into simplistic, addictive and ultimately lucrative music (fuckin enterprise). So I think this song is a piss take of the music industry, or a criticism of it, and the artists knew it would be a sucess, for several reasons- it's super-group status, it's use of cartoons (aesthetic appeal) and because while apearing new, in a way it is still the same old that we'll always be fooled by, that same appearance of differentiation we see in art these days (it's all in your head...)

Meaning | Reviewer: Raze | 8/11/11

Murdoc, being the inspired writer he is, is slowly creating a whole story behind EVERY album!! its like a MASSIVE ARG, this isn't about the devil, it isn't an illuminati trick and sung in 'Witch Language' in the story Russ has some trouble with demons in thr stereo's isn't itobvious one possesed him and that is that?? no hidden message or illuminati tricks??

I think it's obvious... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/24/11

Come on I'm pretty sure it's about drugs! I ain't happy that's why he's taking them, I'm feeling glad- that's the drugs talking, and I got sunshine in a bag? Do I really have to explain that last one? also I think they're saying that drugs mess with you and people are being idiots to see it. You don't see with tour eyes you just perceive with your mind- actually I think that's hallucinations. I put you on the HYPE SHIT I think you can figure that out... I'm not sure what it's about but it makes sense to be drugs that's what I always thought. Regardless gorillaz have alwYs had meanings to their songs so it must be something.

holy fuck | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/11/11

danny boys comment made me laugh so hard. Im not saying im right but ur so fucking off. Holy shittt hahaha " A company trying to take over the world" "ur not happy because ur friends died, but ur glad cuz u survived"???? hahahhah holy fuck.... i thought it was about drugs which is really cliche of me to say but i dont care. ive always thought it was about drugs. Sunshine in a bag (DrUgZzZ) useless but not for long the futureee (Gonna take them DruGZzZz) then he takes the drugs and Del is his "Guide" while hes trippin. Idk thats wat i always thot it was... it makes sense... and i like druggzzZzz

Learn the Del | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/21/11

every post that i've read on the subject of the meaning of clint eastwood seems to come from people that don't know who del the funky homosapien is. you guys don't seem to understand his vibes and the message that he tends to put in his verses. You guys should really listen to albums like both sides of the brain or deltron 3030 before you start analyzing del's lyrics.

what it really means | Reviewer: the true fan of it all | 6/5/11

I think that danny boy got most of it down pat yes danny its not about some stupid suicide attempt... its just the plane fact that some people do not know what they are listing too lol I mean thats one of the reasons they made this song to show u how blind u really are! Not only does it gives a story like what danny said but it is sending us a message. ok like when he said that the company (oh ya exuse my spelling its not the best thing i have down pat lol)was runeing 2-D's life and messing up his life it was also telling us to picture this story as if it was our own. the company stands for today today media crap that is sucking us into its little trap if u can catch what im trying to say. see they are useing the gorillaz story to show u what is happing in our own world today. And fill good inc was a good one too and if im not misstaking that is the company he was talking about. but to get the real full meaning of it all u really need to go to the fan site and read up on the story....oh ya and the reson u may think its about drugs is because 2d is on drugs constanly because murdoc beats him up constanly.

Mind F**k? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/6/11

Why cant the song just be a song. Or maybe they made a song like this because they know people are going to argue over the internet at other people who theyd probably meet over the meaning? They couldve made it just so they could mind screw everyone because there isnt any meaning at all! Its just to start the crap where people start insulting each other over the stupid internet. God people just haave to have a meaning for everything single thing they do, no random crap any where. Grow up

The Videos | Reviewer: DannyBoy | 5/16/11

Havent ya'll even seen the vids? Okay, for one, its not about suicide! The whole story that the Gorillaz are making is that an evil company is taking over the world, and that they are trting to get aeay from it and to fight it. In this song, he says "Im not happy" Because the company is destroying his family and friends life, but "I'm feeling glad" because he's the one that could escape. "I got sunshine" the power to beat the company. "In a bag" because he carries it with him. "I'm useless" because he hasnt helped his friends. "But not for long, the future is comin on" which is forshadowing.


demons behind the music industry | Reviewer: mike | 5/12/11

these kinds of songs are perfect examples of wat ppl call witch language.. listen to the song when ur hella stoned and youll get the point becuz youll be in ur subconcious state of mind and youll be able to get some of the meaning... this video explains more http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Otti-82jEAc

Creation | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/11/11

I always thought that it was about god and creation fighting over the world. The first rap verse is Satan's point of view, while the second is about God...? Riiiight?
First verse: "someone let me out of my cage"
Second verse: "I brought all tbis so YOU can survive... When law is lawless"
... Think about it

BTW I was reading the other comments, I think 90% were fucking spammers looking for someone to fuck around with

random thoughts in his head | Reviewer: bubble buster | 5/6/11

The lyrics don't always imply some direct message. Sometimes when guys put togehter a beat and like the music, they'll just dump a bunch of words on top of the music because the masses accept music more when there are lyrics. The lyrics still have meaning but instead of solving for what you think he's trying to say, you're better off trying to solve what storms are brewing in his mind and how he thinks. Think of it like an abstract painting - a bunch of brush strokes came togehter to make something people can relate to. But even the artist doesn't know what he or she is trying to convey. The sentences are just impulses of emmotions that came out of what the lyricist was feeling or thinking at that particular moment. If the artist tries to manipulate what came out and make the lyrics' message easy for the audience then the song becomes too generic. If it was country or bubblegum pop the audience expects lyrics to make sense and be about relationships or something. If the song stimulates something in you and keeps you guessing then this is what makes bands like Gorillaz stand out from the rest. Plus it forces you to listen to the song over and over again.

NWO | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/29/11

its about the new world order thats coming.. "finally someone let me out of my cage" ..refering to satan. "so you can survive when law is lawless" ..martial law. ..most rap songs these days are about gettin "dirty money" dirty money is is the devils money. check out drake and jay-z's illuminati song on youtube.

expansion | Reviewer: vulgus_necare | 4/28/11

I feel like this song has more to do with Consciousness expansion and the subconscious. It appears to me that he is more into being a sort of spiritual guide. Lines like:
"...Finally someone let me out of my cage
Now, time for me is nothing cos I'm counting no age
Now I couldn't be there
Now you shouldn't be scared
I'm good at repairs
And I'm under each snare
Bet you didn't think so I command you to
Panoramic view
Look I'll make it all manageable..."

I've got more examples but it would take to long, email me if you want to discuss.