The Devil | Reviewer: Andrew Fernstrom | 8/23/14

I'll keep it short. "Del" is the Devil. 2-D is the man living in spiritual darkness, taking things for face value, seeing the world only in "two dimensions" as we see it. Drugs are somewhat of a shortcut to spirituality... but they aren't positive. The Devil and drugs go hand in hand. And all four of these cartoon characters are different parts of ourselves. That's about it.

My interpretation | Reviewer: Another Anonymous Person... | 4/26/14

I think this song is about depression and the affected fantasising to make everything seem alright. The part 2D sings could mean that he suffers from depression but his "sunshine in a bag" is his imagination inside his head and it makes him feel glad even though he isn't happy on the inside.

When Del sings, it could be about the world around and the fact that it is corrupted (wars and stuff) but everything is fine inside our heads. The last bit that Del raps could be taken as if something has gone wrong in our heads but we shouldn't be afraid since "it's all in your head".

I would also to touch on the chorus again. "I'm useless, but not for long, the/my future is coming on" could refer to the depressed person setting goals and hoping/knowing that everything will be better soon.
(Written while listening to the song twice. I haven't been /this/ philosophical before...) If there's anything you don't agree with, please say.

BTW, the drugs part everyone is talking about might actually be the therapeutic drug of the imagination. (The mind.) "Remember that it's all in your head"!

possesion | Reviewer: jared | 1/28/14

this songs supposed to be about the drummer and how he was allegedly possessed by a demon, n I kinda think sunshine in a bag is referring to heroin because the lead sing was an ex heroin junkie. you could interpret this song anyway you want but if you actually really think about, the person whos rapping the song is Russel's inner demon 0.o ...... think about it...

anonymous | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/14/13

And lastly...aside from the hallucinations in this songor the bong at the end of that album...listen to feel good inc and tell me it's not about drugging them up to make them feel good. There's clues in that shit too like how they are "laughing gas these hazmats" in a "town where we never smile" but hmm at the same time feeling good. Kinda like not being happy but feeling glad.

forgot to add | Reviewer: anonymous | 7/12/13

More clues to it being hallucinations. "Now I couldn't be there" as in saying he isn't really there. "Spiritual hero who appears in you to clear your view when you're too crazy" your conscience telling you it's not real tagging on with the "remember that it's all in your head"

why its portrayed drug related | Reviewer: anonymous | 7/11/13

Why is the song related to people's theory of drugs? Sunshine in a bag as in shrooms. He's not happy he's feeling glad as in high. You don't see with your eyes you perceive with your mind...and it's all in your head referring to hallucinations. Now even if the songs not drug related that is more than likely why it's been portrayed that way.

What I think | Reviewer: Itsstitt | 6/19/13

I actually hate anybody who always says "it's about drugs and relationships". But I honestly think this is about 2-D having to take his medication. Any fan of gorillaz would know that he hates taking his medication, but he still has to. He "ain't happy" about taking them, but he's feeling artificially "glad". As for the part where it says "toke" you stoners are idiots. Look at what it says before that "Gunsmoke" possibly relating to crimes. "Your righteous with one toke". Figure it out. As for del's part, I do believe it is about something separate, be it corruption or the music industry I'm unsure. But as someone said previously, look at the song as a whole, how do all the lyrics relate. Not just one damn line.

Baddies | Reviewer: Drugxsirus | 5/11/13

Really. You all need to read the lyrics. The song is obviously about making music. Their singing about busting rhymes and other ppl singing to it as if they created it. If you guys don't understand this. Then re-read the lyrics. Not hard to interpret if your not a retard.

The Real Meaning | Reviewer: Sean Marsh | 3/2/13

I've been into Gorillaz since 2005 and know everything about them. It got the name Clint Eastwood because of the melodica line that sounds like the theme from The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly. 2D from the Gorillaz said in the 2010 iTunes interview that the sunshine in a bag was actually his gym clothes. The sunshine in a bad is also a reference to Clint Eastwood leaving with a bag of money at the end of the The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. So Gorillaz are just a whole world of fun and they don't have to have a meaning to everything. The only adult the cartoons do is smoke cigarettes, 2D sometimes drinks, Murdoc drinks tequila, rum or beer and they swear a little bit, but that's it nothing illegal. So if you want to know everything, read Rise Of The Ogre and watch Bananaz. They are the best damn band in the world!

It is one word guys seriously. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/1/13

People do realize that "I ain't happy" Is a Clint Eastwood quote right? I mean it is why the song is titled "Clint Eastwood." I mean yeah it has the word "toke" in the song but it also has the word "corruption" but yet no one is saying the Gorillaz were making a statement about the government. Quit focusing on one single word and look at the song as a whole...

. | Reviewer: D | 8/2/12

To the ones that say that the song is about drugs,

Are there any other direct relations to drugs, besides of
"You're righteous with one toke"
(and not interpretations like "I ain't happy", sunshine, useless, ...)

If not, then just one line, and not the whole song, is about drugs.

Member vs Member | Reviewer: Myra | 4/5/12

This song is infact NOT about drugs. It's about life, corruption. There's only one verse which relates to drugs and that's the one where it says something about hype

& quite honestly it's pointless to argue its obviously going to be a never ending battle, we all interpret things differently

Interesting | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/8/12

I usually don't say this and even get angered at people implying that every song they here is about drugs . . But I honestly think this song is if not at least partially about it.

Some people look too much into things though.

Laughing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/20/12

I like the guy who titled his response "DO ANY OF YOU KNOW ANY VOCABULARY" because obviously your vocabulary is one to gloat about. What is more comical though is that your whole basis for discounting everyone else's interpretation is the definition and presence of one word.

If you knew anything about the Gorillaz then you would know that none of their songs can be encompassed with the simple interpretation of "about someone who I doing drugs." Every album, song, and video of the Gorillaz build up into an overarching story line that follows the life of the band. If it was only about drugs then every video would show them just sitting around getting high.

DO ANY OF YOU KNOW ANY VOCABULARY | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/13/12

This song is OBVIOUSLY about someone who I doing drugs. They practIcally even say it.
"your righteous with one toke"
I not, here you go:
Toke: The drawing Of a puff from a cigarette or pipe, typically one containing marajuana