Umm what? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/2/09

I always thought "Sunshine in a bag" was referring to Sunshine Acid, as in LSD? Im still pretty sure that's what hes referring to.. thats like someone referring to Mary Jane in a song and someone trying to say there referring to Cocaine? Sunshine, Sunshine Acid, Mary Jane, Marijuana, there arent a bunch of different answer for what one thing is, it is what it is. Who ever refers to heroin as Sunshine?

PLEASE READ THIS. IT'S DIFFERENT!!! | Reviewer: kat | 2/23/09

Every single song has a story behind it. Specifically, the writer makes it a little challenging to figure out. They're trying to make it not just their story, but yours. Sunshine in a bag. Everyone's debating. Everyone just assumes its drugs, Mabey it is, mabey it isn't. What I think is that the first few lines mean about moving on. Sunshine in a bag for me means that you're not letting the sun shine on you. And as in the word "bag", I think of a travel bag. So this means to me as in even though sorrow has taken over you, move on. You still have that sun shining, but it doesn't mean that the sun will ALWAYS shine. I may be a young person, not understanding slangs for drugs, but creating your own story in your mind just by looking at lyrics is what the writer is probably trying to tell you. Just don't look at the facts. Look at your imagination<that's gay (lol)

Opinions are like a** holes, Everyone's got one | Reviewer: Kat | 2/23/09

This is my opinion: Don't take it from me, but when some emo people think they're life is over, they take drugs as a shorter route. I totally agree on this whole song is not talking about drugs. But as you heard in the first few lines, they're not happy, so they take drugs. No problem with that. I don't care who takes drugs or not. This song is actually a mix of tons of opinions. Songs are suppose to make you wonder. They're trying to tell a story. And if you can connect to it, than that song could be your life story.

Oh... | Reviewer: Brian | 2/18/09

I just thought the "I ain't happy" stuff was representing the sort of Maudlin view of life that went along with Generation X in the 90s. Even the rap sort of plays off of the haunted sound and feel, the sort of faded voice in the Chorus, the faraway harmonica stuff, etc.

Now I may be the whitest of the White guys in the world, but I sure know a good rhyme when I hear one, and the rap sections are spectacular in this song. It very much sticks with that kind of haunting feel, but it's sort of like the rap comes from the sort of "patron saint of rap" if you will.

I just really like this song

Sunshine in a bag/song meaning | Reviewer: Ian | 1/18/09

The sunshine in a bag is actually not a drug. It's the money that "The Good" rides off in The Good, The Bad,and the Ugly (great movie). THere are a few other meanings throughout the song. This is my favorite song, you gotta love the Gorillaz.

The obvious truth | Reviewer: Justin | 1/14/09

It is about Heroin. If you've ever known anyone who was addicted to that shit you'd know that to them it is sunshine in a bag. Also the title is Clint Eastwood is slang for Heroin. Clint Eastwood>Dirty Harry>Heroin.

sunshine | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/19/08

sunshine in a bag is a reference to the end of Clint Eastwoods movie, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. At the end of the movie his character rides off with a bag of money which is the sundhine in a bag.

sunshine in a bag | Reviewer: luke | 12/17/08

i was wondering about this so i looked it up and found this page.
my guess is the whole song is not about drugs but those couple lines are.
sunshine is most likly heroin the other option being hooch(weed).
if youve seen pulp fiction when john travolta opens the breifcase and his face is lit up with sunshine- thats smack,
smack makes u useless but not for long,
rock stars like smack,
thats my best guess anyways,
cool song

Calm dooowwwn. | Reviewer: Sweet_Insanity | 12/14/08

Duude all you people out there saying its really about this and that are stupiiidddd. Cause depending on the person people can view this song in many different ways i'm sure. And maybe some people just LIKE to be naive and believe its about drugs because of 2 lines. So what? If you got a problem with that, get over it. Because you have your own view. So who cares what everyone else thinks.


Jew Review | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/15/08

"For any of you to think of drugs as "sunshine in a bag" are pretty stupid. drugs bring out the worst in people; they ruin families; they kill people. how you can associated drug to sunshine...puh-leeezz."

dude, seriously i agree that drugs can bring out the worst in people but if you've touched anything in your life and that can include caffeine, soda, even cigarettes then you'd understand for that short period of time you're buzzing it IS like fucking sunshine!!! and for the rest of the anal retentive ney-sayers, all of you should understand that all of your ideas/ philosophies for this song are right because anyone with half a brain who idealizes music should know that any musically talented artist/group write most of their songs for their fans to relate to. and we're all human so each individual person perceives it differently.

My opinion.... | Reviewer: Someone just pass by | 9/10/08

Basically this song's lyric is about someone turn over a new leaf..As stated "I'm useless but not for long, the future is coming on..."
Anyway...It is still left a space for people to imagine to interpret the lyric own..
This is good piece of song...Good job Gorillaz..!

People people.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/21/08

Please please you're ruining it all, first of all... I despise the mindless clichè of categorizing it as drugs, not everything is related to drugs you know? and yes, indeed Gorillaz have published many songs with hints towards them, yet not in a healthy way like promoting people to go get their sunshine, second of all no one read what they said about Clint Eastwood? It's all a reference and you just have to look over the title to figure what the sunshine line means, next haven't you heard at least the lyrics? If ya'll can define the whole song into "drugs" just cause of 2 lines what kind of critics you thought yourselves to be?

Lets take a brief view of it:

1st paragraph, talks about a higher knowledge, "who you think is really kicking tunes?" "like you lit the fuse.." (hear Del's sarcastic tone on this last one) along with the lyrics before and after including Del's style talk about the fact of naivety in media, i.e., the belief Britney Spears is an awesome singer yet in person she knows nothing about signing, who's really kicking her tune? Who's got the higher knowledge to decide what moves, what doesn't and by which or what cause? Only someone who has crossed to the other side to figure it out and no one is in title to talk absolutes till then.

"Lifeless, to know the definition for what life is
Priceless to you because I put you on the hype shit"

Del is talking about himself as the demon inside of Russel, to know what life is and know the meaning of everything in it, priceless for those who benefit from the words of the mentor, in this case Russ and everyone listening to the song.


"The essence, the basics, without that you make it
Allow me to make this child-like-in-nature.
Rhythm, you have it or you don't that's a fallacy.
I'm in them every sprouting tree, every child apiece"

How many times haven't you heard "he's got no talent" "you're born with or without it" "only a few turn out special" etc? Del main argument in his music is about the misconception of talent/wisdom and the sense of superiority over those who think they've got it, i.e., many rap artists dare to call themselves poets when really few of them actually know how a poem looks like, yet they act like if they were masters in the art and even try to teach others how to do it like them or "they'll be doing it wrong", that's a fallacy talent and essence is in everyone you just need the basics to pull it out, what Dell communicates in there along with rhythm (as spiritual) is in everything you see yet the media, corporative enterprises and the society we live in blur it out telling you what to think, what to buy and making laws lawless.

The song involves many things... the movie from Clint, hope, survival, evolution of society, corruption, manipulation, the story behind Russ and goes on... as any art it's made for people to interpret as they feel, what I find disgusting is after all I've said where did I mention drugs in the lyrics? It's ok if someone feels it talks about drugs, not lashing it as an absolute and ruin a song that has a "deeper meaning" on it rather than mindless vices.

For anyone who said drugs destroy life sorry, I've had my experiences for many years and I've never EVER let it become a personal problem nor for the ones who surround me, also.. for anyone in here that said you need to smoke weed or "after constant smoking" to figure it out, wrong again.. I know this song since it was released and afterwards I started smoking weed and 4 years later I still don't see any connection of it with drugs or feel like smoking marijuana made me understand it better... it's just to see the lyrics as complete, not the pieces you want to see and furthermore READ and LISTEN to the artist's comments on it, they are the ones who did it you know? Everything I've said here comes from interviews with them, not things I think to be true and come lashing to convince ya'll haha.

Just don't ruin it... there are songs that talk about songs whether for good or bad, this one doesn't so DON'T ruin it with some so trivial and vulgar as that when the complete lyrics talk about something greater.

urm | Reviewer: Naomi | 7/20/08

The lyrics to this song are ^i aint happy, im feelin glad^
not im happy, im feeling glad

also heroin is sometimes called sunshine cus when you chase the dragon i.e smoke it using tinfoil by melting the gear and running it along the tinfoil it turns into a metalic looking reddish gold liquid, abit lie what youd imagine the sun to be made of.
if this song is about heroin I aint happy, im feeling glad would make sense to anyone thats experienced heroin addiction. glad is def a good word to describe what it lie to get a bag when your withdrawing. And with the nature of the addiction you can never be happy. Basically you feel either shit or numb.

Sigh... | Reviewer: X | 3/24/08

There may be Deeper Meaning to the song but the meaning that is well written into the lyrics is more than enough for me.

Sunshine in a bag... a simple marijuana reference nothing else and if you read the lines the meaning is right there, read it normally and if you have half a brain you can see the message.

Its calling the people to action, Look at the big picture(panoramic view) and harm from large corporations (corruption from enterprise) are just few truths found in the lines to be read and realized.

ilike | Reviewer: deathjrjrjr | 2/29/08

i like this song sometimes i go in for "deeper meaning" and im sure this song has one but for once in my life im not going to do it i really enjoy this song and the lyrics are "drop dead-riffic" so to you noobs who are complaing about people finding the deeper meaning to the song and vice versa you can "drop dead"

deathjrjrjr out