broken, our love | Reviewer: fontanero | 6/30/12

I don´t understand the lyrics but I really love this song. In my opinion this is about a true story of love that is broken or lost or unnotice in the middle of the omnipresent social media tecnologies. But this is just what I think, in my experience. For another one, this could mean something very different.

Different stories... | Reviewer: Shadow | 12/24/11

A few of the stories behind this song make sense to me. Now that the commenter on this page(the one below me,i think) explained it, 2D and Noodles love does make sense. I know a few people hate that pairing, but it kind of does make sense.

And about Murdoc... (distant stars come in black or red). That seems to make sense,too. Yet again, Murdoc actually loving someone has not been mentioned. I would love to have a story like that, though. It would show a different side of Murdoc :)

Whatever the meaning is, this is an amazing song. :D viva la Gorillaz

its about the love between noodle and 2-D | Reviewer: chris | 10/4/11

if you think about it. and i mean REALY follow the story. its about the love 2-D had for noodle. wath the music video for feel good inc. he wants to be on the floating island with noodle but the inc wont let him out. then in el manana she suposedly dies. no one tells 2-D about the plan. so he "saw that day....lost my mind." he was saddened and scared now becuase he feels like he dont know her anymore. so whatever love tey had is now broken. when they find noodle she cant lok at 2-d in the face. thats what i get from it anyway.

hmmmm | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/24/11

I saw a comment about the black and red stars being murdoc's eyes. Then I realized "they connect with the fall of man" is his eyes connecting (reading)about civilization falling. On the gorillaz website there's a game or whatever and Murdoc is obsessed with a book that tells all about the past, present, and future.Then the thing about love being broken is about a past love he had.

Excellent | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/29/11

I can really relate to this song oddly first time i ever heard this song i was just on Youtube looking at the live visual of Noodle playing the Melodica...idk why i relate to it but this song is one of my favorites from the Gorillaz and I have to listen to this song at least once a day (since i discovered I have been pretty obsessed with the Gorillaz for only about a week and that is all i will listen to) and i don't think I am going to recover from their music cause its weird, beautiful, and everything i can like about music in one.

-Gorillaz Fan :)

bit of a stretch duncan | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/13/11

This song draws you in. I agree with the fall of man blog. I didn't know that he was/is a satanist. "It's" by the light of the plasma screen refers to the demons watching you to see what you watch or look at since they can't read our minds but, can install thoughts. I think the space that was broken was between us and the one who created us.

wow this song is great | Reviewer: totodilemastr | 2/13/11

when i first heard this song i was put into a whole new world. the synthesizing music calmed me and i almost fell asleep the lyrics for it was around 12 at night but as i was listening i noticed the lyrics were very strange and mystical. the first impression i had about the lines *Distant stars come come in black or red ive seen their worlds inside my head* i thought that he must have been high or under the influence of drugs to write such wonderful lyrics but as the song went on i noticed that all the lyrics were in this manner. anyway the song Broken by the Gorrilaz is now my #1 song

An interesting perspective... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/9/10

If you think about it, any Gorillaz fans out there: Murdoc said that the album sort of came together when he was alone on the island... so this song isn't from 2D's point-of-view, he's just singing it, it's *Murdoc's*. Think of it, remember when he had mismatched eyes "Distant stars/Come in black or red/I've seen their worlds/In my head." The "him" and "her" might mean 2D and Noodle, but it might be one of those things we'll never be sure of. Like where the hell he got M1A1 from... o_o

Marvelous | Reviewer: hephaestus | 11/26/10

This song is spectacular! Damon is possibly the only singer who can pull these songs off! between the lyrics and the mystifying rhythm, it makes this song a must listen to. Any other voice besides Damons in this song would just simply ruin the beauty that is Broken. If you dont already own plastic beach head over to the nearest record store and buy it.... but dont buy it on Itunes cause thats not supporting the band, plus the album comes with special illustrations that only come with the album and a movie of "the making of Plastic Beach"

outstanding | Reviewer: aginor | 10/4/10

i interpreted the song to be about a broken romance where the negatively charged black and red stars are the sad souls of so many fallen people who now gravitate two more into their company.

the love still lives, but is it in a deep freeze or still in their eyes when they meet? regardless the damage is so severe that neither can say anything to the other to start rebuilding. hence, at this time, the love is broken.

just another feather in damon's lyrical cap, by this time fans shouldn't be surprised but still greatly appreciative.

Broken | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/18/10

I think it is a good thing that Damon spent some time on this album because it sounds so amazing. It's unbeliveable how he put so many different sounds and beats into one song and that goes for all of the songs on plastic beach. It's the best put together album. My love for Gorillaz will stay forever.

A bit of a stretch I know | Reviewer: Duncan | 8/1/10

My own wacky reading of this great song is that it is about the story of the Fall of Man. "distant stars in black or red"- possibly reference evil(dark) angels(who are often mentioned as stars in the Bible and one of whom was instrumental in this story). We know that Murdoch was/is a satanist. And there certainly is "nothing we can do for them" because the demons have made an irevocable choice. But it's primarily about that sense of loss when love has been lost and the lover does not respond, just like when the original love of Man for God was lost by Original Sin. 'Cloud of Unknowing' could be read in this light too. Theologically, the only thing I disagree with is that "there's nothing you can do for him/her"(ie other people). Fear not. All we have to do is trust in the One who has done everything for us.

amazing | Reviewer: Botulism | 6/12/10

Just picked this album up the other day. It is really a rollercoaster ride. Not sure which song i liek the best, but this one is very haunting and i'm having trouble not listening to it over and over (I'm having trouble like this while a few of the songs) I think I decided that the synth on this album sounds as if it were pop music from the 80's if the drug of choice was herion instead of cocaine(Also if pop music from the 80's was good.) lol. Anyway I wish this album was my pillow and i could hug it and keep it in my bed. OKBYENOW
botulism sauce

lovely track | Reviewer: jaixstar | 5/4/10

This whole Cd (plastic beach) is about how the industry of technology is so into upgrading and remaking things to be better that they began to deteriorate the natural things outside of the technology itself. Things like natural habitats are being destroyed by plastics that are actually very viral to animals if eaten. The song rhinstone eyes is about how people are getting prostetic legs arm and other thing(s) that are made from certain plastics and polishings that get used and the waste from it gets thrown into the oceans and its been happening for so long now that its prolly enough to make a beach hence the name (Plastic Beach); meaning with all the crud (excuse my language) we eat that has certain plastics in it as well and all the items we use made of plastic or that has plastic in it, is thrown away and it reaches the ocean. From all that we've been wasting and throwing away soo carelessly; it could prolly be made into a freaking beach made of plastic with an amusement park and other crazy things hence the picture of the beach made of plastic.

if you would like to talk about music or compare music or anything message me or hell (excuse my language) just text me
I'm only 18 and an amature at understanding music but eh, thats just what i got out of it

btw i love gorillaz and this cd was to be expected. Nothing less of genius and epiphanetic ya know good flow and great lyrics so it all goes together and flows great

Turtle Brain | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/18/10

I love the chorus. Damon's voice is special, yet amazing. I can use hours on thinking about Gorillaz' lyrics. I was so surprised when they came out with a new single and album, but I can't thank them enough.