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Performed by Goo Goo Dolls

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amazing song | Reviewer: chiaryKeating | 4/18/07

simply wonderful,perfect, cannot describe it!!! Of course Goo goo dolls made it and their performance is absolutely wonderful....but because I'm a fan of Ronan Keating it emotionates me more this song sang by Ron...but even if I don't feel great emotions, goo goo dolls' persormance is the better ne, sure of that. :)

cool | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/12/07

its pretty sick song. chill. i have sex to it with my gf.

BEST SONG EVER!!!! I really connected to it.. | Reviewer: brandi | 3/8/07

It is the best song about love and how you chase your dreams and dotn give up...i loved it..this is my boyfriend and my song..we both "LOVE IT" we heard it the day we met and we will listin to it FOREVER! Thanks for releasing it...
Love always,
Brandi and Ryan

city of angels | Reviewer: michelle | 3/7/07

this song is so sad when you have watched the film city of angels every1 will understand the lyrics so much clearer.

Soundtrack | Reviewer: OrangeHiggins21 | 2/25/07

I downloaded it, putted it into iTunes and now it says Soundtrack as in Genre, I didn't know it was a soundtrack, from what movie?

oooooooooooh | Reviewer: gemskiphil | 2/2/07

this song is like the most amazing song since i dont know what! its a beautiful song!

Wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/17/06

This song has quite possibly the most beautiful lyrics ever. coupled with a great emotion in the voice, and fantastic music, it puts it a cut above the rest.

Genius song | Reviewer: Tally | 9/9/06

This is by far one of the best songs out there, great lyrics, great music officially my third favourite song of all time. Have a listen and you'll know what i'm talking about =]

great | Reviewer: ana | 5/1/06

This song is just perfect. I find my own feelings in the lyrics. Its wonderful and moving and i love that song.

Splended score | Reviewer: Raven For Kyth | 12/21/05

Very deep, very strong, very beautiful is the best way to describe this song. It will always remind me of times that are no longer and for which I long.

wow | Reviewer: t | 10/8/05

ive never heard of the googoodolls but i was on this website and it started palying, and i was like 'wow' and i thought id check out the lyrics. its such a good song, and i love the tune, although i dont think i can relate to thel yrics. but then i dont really understand them. id really appreciatye it if sum1 cud explain it!!
anyway, a great song. well done!

Iris | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/9/05

By far the greatest song by the Goo Goo Dolls. A definitive, epic score that'll I'll remember 'til I die.

awesome... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/14/04

This is such a pretty song, and brings back really great memories for me. I love this song!!!!

Best song...ever | Reviewer: Iris | 7/26/04

This is the best song in the world. It has been since it was released, and will be until the world crashes and burns. Seriously, this song is the most beautiful, breathtaking song ever. I really really love it.

Iris | Reviewer: Goddess of the Starz | 7/5/04

This is the best song ever. Untill I find a new best song. Which 'll be in like... five more minutes. But this will always be one of my favorites!

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