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Performed by Goo Goo Dolls

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*sigh* | Reviewer: cheyenne | 6/8/09

Aw, this is a beautiful song. I've heard it before, but never really listened to the lyrics. I was reading through some of the comments and they were very touching. It was the first time I actually cried to this song. Because I realised that the summer is coming and their will be no way for me to see my crush...;~; I'm listening to the song rightnow, and as I go to bed.

I miss.. | Reviewer: Dylan | 4/22/09

This song is the most heart breaking song I have ever heard. I first heard it many many years ago when it first came out and in all honesty I didn't care about it. But my life was heading downhill and I met this amazing woman who saved me from myself. She was the most beautiful woman and person I had ever met and I gave her everything I could. She accepted me for who I was despite the fact that I was already broken she loved me....She had an asthma attack and choked to death a year later. I lost her and she saved me. I'd give up anything to see her again or to know shes happy where ever she is. She was my only one. However I am happy with life as it is now, things seem to be turning out pretty well. She will always be my true love.

iRiS 4ever rocks | Reviewer: Rowena Corsino | 12/26/08

its been 4 years scene i know this song this song and i love it from the time i hear it even i don't still know its tittle its sweet and sorrowful combination makes it one of a kind and now i still love it and i will love it forever

best song ever :) | Reviewer: ali | 12/26/08

this is one of my all-time favorite songs ever!! me and my friend jeremy, this was our song...were not allowed to talk anymore because of my parents. but i kno when im 18 ill be reunited with him! i love him soo much and whenever i listen to this song it makes me think of him and all the good times we had. everytime i hear it i cry but it still reminds me he'll alwys be there no matter what!

i found love | Reviewer: Austin benz | 11/29/08

Me and this girl named Amanda are in love now because we danced to this song during one of are holloween prom knights i could never say thank you anufff to the goo goo dolls i mean whats a better gift then love am i rite, well other then that it is a grate song i love it, i like there Ill Be song to lol

no words 4 it.feels lifechanging | Reviewer: dead fairy tale | 11/9/08

no words can describe such a song.Because this is the closest to heaven music you will want to cry,sing,devote it to the one you matter if you want 2 forget it u cant,no matter if you dont want to love it u's an inspirring and one of a kind song,it' just so the goo goo dolls even if they rocked before,now they roch harder.It's and they are incredible.

d | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/1/08

I love him
I have to see him at school everyday
it hurts so bad
everytime I think I´m over him I realize that I´m not and I´ll never be :/
I wish we could just talk again
missing him so badly!!
I don´t know the reason why we´re not talkin´ anymore..
and I dream of him every night..
I´ve been going through so much pain and it seems like it´ll never end
but I´m still hoping..hoping that he´s going to talk to me one day again
I know..he won´t

sry for bad english

beautifully depressing (in a non-emo way) | Reviewer: BrutalDarkness | 8/12/08

OH MY GOD!! i loooooove this song! it's so beautiful and talks about such love and devotion, and the lyrics are wonderfully sweet, but the music is so sad. i get depressed just thinking about this song. to be so in love with someone... OH MY GOD!! i am totally crying rigiht now. i am a disgrace to my name!! BrutalDarkness... crying! but i don't even care. like i said... beautifully depressing!

good song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/12/08

I know everyone can relate to this song somehow, I personally love it....It seems most have a positive on it though...whenever I listen to makes me mega depressed....but I cant stop far I'v probably listened to it 20 times nonstop.....I dont even want to move anymore...

Love it | Reviewer: Punk Rocker | 6/19/08

i just heard this song a couple of weeks ago and i totally love it. my sister has loved it for the longest time and now i love it. of course tho, i love the goo goo dolls anyways so that is just a plus.

lolol | Reviewer: lost in symphony | 4/23/08

and i'd give up forever to touch him, cause i know that he'd feel me somehow. he's the closest to heaven that i'll ever be, and i dont wanna go home right now.
so, i rlly like this kid. and as every sad story goes, he doesnt like me. but he did. he used me even though he says he didnt. and yeah things were just bad. but when they're good, they're amazing. he's got a gf, and im sure this is like their fav song. but i rlly dont care. bc this summer//year will be dedicated to making him jealous and winning him back. bc thats how much i want him. and when you want something you have to fight fr it<3

just how things go... | Reviewer: B | 3/15/08

I started dating this guy a couple of months ago, and i've been searching for the lyrics to this song for weeks now. I swear, it describes how I feel about him (among other things in my life) PERFECTLY!!! THANKS FOR HELPING ME FIND WHAT I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR!

This is my life | Reviewer: CallMeWillow | 2/14/08

If you think this song also matches your life, then you, me and these guys share a brain. It's pretty amazing. And the song is the best. I rediscovered not too long ago, and I can't get it out of my head.

i finally found it!!! | Reviewer: ****** | 2/10/08

i put a friend to a side because he loves me and i coulndt find a song or something to hep me understand what was happening and finally i heard this tune i loved it and i got what the dude felt and weve been anitem since!!:]

all my life describe in this song | Reviewer: smee | 1/25/08

its amazing that someone else can create a song about experence other wen through this song is so meaningfull 1 of my top ten songs iris i love it goo goo dolls

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