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Performed by Gogol Bordello

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Disenfranchised | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/9/13

When I hear this song, i feel the quiet unsung majority behind it. In the US we live in red and blue states but we know the tapestry is much more diverse and taken a step further "border after border" we are all basically the same in our needs and humanity. even though our political and religous differences separate us. I can't help but feel Gogol projecting what it's like to live in a country so culturally diverse but separated by barriers we created ourselves. the traps, I feel refer to having different views or beliefs than what is accepted generally and having to go underground with those beliefs, and hopefully find like minded people but definitely hide it away. whether through the roof refers to going a bit nuts, i think its a comment on finding the only way when the building is surrounded and taking the inconvenient way out. Eugene and friends...YPA!

thinking out of the box | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/4/12

i also think that this song is about thinking out of the box since it's the only solution to be an individual as it says
"And as the upperdog leisurely sighing
The local cultures are dying and dying
The programmed robots are buying and buying
And all secluded freaks they are still trying trying"

it's obviousy a description of our western culture where capitalism and consume make us too brainless robots following our god: money, sex, comfort stop thinking ourselves and believe what they tell us.
It's agreat song with a true message that should wake up everyone who listens to or reads it

You always have to make your own fun | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/9/11

This song is defined through this line which was beautifully featured in the movie. It suggests that whether you go underground or through the roof there's no difference you always have to make your own fun. peace.

Globalization | Reviewer: James | 11/20/10

I think the song is not about depression nor suicide and it's not an introspective song about fellings and stuff. what I see is a song about culture across the countries. it talks about globalization and how the regionals cultures are fadding; the great multinacional fast-foods and stores homogenizes the world and besides becaming the world more connected it also kills what makes each people unique.

Great song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/12/10

This song isn't about suicide, I can't find anything in the lyrics that would suggest that. Yes, it's in wristcutters (great movie) but so what, it doesn't define the song.

This song is about culture. It's about feeling trapped by it and trying to run from it, and realizing no matter where you go it's all the same. Each country puts up a facade to try to appear to be different or better but in reality everyone is trying to escape it, just to realize the grass isn't greener on the other side. One day the conceptual barriers will come down and we'll stop pretending to be better then each other and learn to empathize with each other because we're all in the same boat.

My statement above can also be applied to people and families..

fun | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/21/10

I think "through the roof n underground" is a reference to Dostoevsky's "notes from underground" where the underground used as a place to symbolize solitude and depression, then through the roof is meaning going insane, perhaps similer to the insane/depressed anti-hero in "notes from underground".

Through the roof | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/8/10

The heart os the 1st organ formed on conception. The brain and other organs and limbs form from the heart.
As Jung said, the real problems of life are not solved but rather transcended.
So to me the song speaks to addressing the problems of the set traps by growing a heart so big it swallows all the traps.

Gog | Reviewer: Kodi | 12/1/09

The local cultures dying refers to a starbucks popping up on every block or walmart taking over small towns. when we cross the border between countries and states we see there's no difference between them because chains have taken them all over where we choose familiarity over new experiences. We fear change. However there are a small load of freaks still trying to be unique. When the silver rabbits go to the country that we only know it shows that we can change our perspective to view the world as we see fit. Even if everything is going to hell we can still find joy and love. I think it's about changing your perspective to change depression into excitement.

the Programmed robots are buying and buying | Reviewer: Sanford Hastings | 9/27/09

I love it. The song is featured in a movie involving suicide, so that must be the meaning of the song.

Eric, I think you're on point. Laws against everything, repression of basic human nature and drive. Marketing everywhere, even in school.

What can one do but get upset and drop out of the culture and comb the underbelly looking for meaning and genuine goodness?

It's out there though, to be sure.

i have to agree with gene | Reviewer: cole | 9/15/09

its about depression, not nessacarily suicide though. the traps around town refer to friends and family trying to constantly get you out of your house and depression while the traps in every corner of your room are the memories you have which cause the depression. when he talks about crossing the borders hes talking about fading from his current reality and then he says "we realize the difference is none" which means that even though we are able to release ourselves from one reality, there is no difference between the life you have now, and the life you want. its all just a state of mind. and of course with some of the song, there are lyrics inspired by the grand state of paranoia which the thoughts of paranoia often come along with depression. i should know. anyway, it is how you personally interpret the song. the truth is, only gogol bordello knows the truth behind it all.

Another theory | Reviewer: Gene | 6/22/09

I think that through the roof and underground refers to depression and suicide. When one is depressed, very often that person seeks to distance him or herself from reality, but the reality has ways to break through the mental barriers. Every little thing pains - the phone through which the bad news come, the books which you do not study and the exams that you will inevitably fail, the dirty laundry on the floor - "a trap setup for you in every corner of the room".

theory | Reviewer: Eric | 6/5/09

my theory is close, but i think it is more of a "if they set up traps for you around town" meaning if they make things illegal or against your beliefs, deal with it, just go underground, me discreet. "if they set up traps around your room" that means wire tapping, invading your privacy, invading your liberties (inside your room) then you must "go through the roof" (do something about it). so when they say "through the roof" "underground" it almost sound like to me as:

You must go through the roof for injustice, but be smart and strategic.

music is like art, its all what you personally take out of it.

Amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/14/09

as much as I would like to go on about the movie I actually have a theory about the meaning of the song.
it's about revolutionaries, if there is trap around town, retreat in on your cor members and ideas, if there are traps there, Go big!

Greatness | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/15/09

i get this song stuck in my head alot and take it for my tri-annual road trips. i found it from wristcutters a love story. if you have not seen the movie i would recommend buying it. one of the best movies out there in a long time and i don't traditionally watch love movies.

Awesome | Reviewer: Ridge Dawson | 10/20/08

For anyone who's seen the film wristcutters, you must buy this song! Not only is it in the film itself, but it also is great for what is shown in the movie: roadtripping! I love this song, and now am a huge fan of Gogol Bordello!

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