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Performed by Gogol Bordello

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AWESOME!!! | Reviewer: Zlad | 7/28/07

Me and my friend just fell in love with Gogol Bordello in Michigan after beeing on a liveshow!...So we are gonna go to Norway to catch ya all at the Oya festival in Oslo Norway...Keep it UP! THE GREATEST BAND EVER! GOGOL BORDELLO!!!!!!!

super | Reviewer: | 5/17/07

supersin gogol l love you so much you are very succesful l admine you charles bucowki is my first star :) gogol bordello 2:)

Explicit line | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/15/07

It is indeed explicit in Russian.

(slightly corrected verse):
So Vio-Vio-Violetta! Etta! Va-va-va-da-da-da dama ti moja!
A nu podayte nam karetu, vot etu, i mi poedem k ebenjam!

where "dama ty moya" is loosely translated as "lady (damsel?) mine", and second line... well: "[hey, servant] gimme my (horse)-carriage, yeah, that one, and we'll ride the fuck outta here".

amazing | Reviewer: aykut | 5/15/07

since two hours i am listening same happy funny easy song but need to sleep for work :)
So would you start wearing purple for me now?

This is apparently explicit. | Reviewer: Beth | 4/18/07

iTunes says that this song is explicit...i dont see it?? BUT I HEART THIS SONG.

Made a flash video with the sond | Reviewer: Pat | 3/11/07

I made a flash video about NASCAR to this video and all my friends and other as well just love it.
They all ways wonder were I get the cool music from.
It is a additive song, but not anoying like that Numa Numa kid.

So true! | Reviewer: Caligula | 3/7/07

Extremely addictive!
Kusturica/Bregovic-like Balkan music, combined with the "loose yourself" gypsy attitude made me listen this for oh so too many times :) - I drove my co-workers crazy, really, humming this all the time!

Genious in its crazyness | Reviewer: Zovistograt | 11/8/06

This song is so ridiculous and crazy it makes a very good addicting song that I have been listening to for hours @_@. Russian music is good indeed.

Very addictive | Reviewer: Kaz Williams | 9/23/06

Hi start wearing purple is very addictive and I cant stop listening to it. Please release as a single as I think it will catch on.

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