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Performed by Gogol Bordello

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Purple is the colour of sensuality and meaning... | Reviewer: Chris Marks | 3/30/13

The story relates to the fact that a purple mood is that of acceptance and deep sensuality: as it relates to spirituality and self awareness which, typically and regrettably, only happens with maturity. It typically connotes a deep-seated sensuality underlying - and the result of - intimacy, and yet superficially is equated with sex/sensuality in an immature context. The connection of purple and sex, however, is well known in many cultures, harking to royalty and the pursuit of happiness, pleasure and sensual awareness. See also why purple and the Catholic church are associated....

I love this song | Reviewer: Jonfen | 11/8/09

There's something about gogols style that just makes me love them so much. One thing that's kind of depressing is that I like other peoples perception of what the song says more than the real reason hahaha oh well. It's got it's make believe metaphors!

SONG MEANING | Reviewer: jake | 10/18/09

Hütz (the singer/writer) said in an interview, "It's one of the very few songs I wrote for a girl. I just moved in with my girlfriend in New York. We had a neighbour: an old woman who was always dressed in purple head to toe. She was clearly bonkers. So whenever my girlfriend and I had an argument and she would start screaming at me, I would say: you might as well start wearing purple now"

why purple | Reviewer: saprophyte | 10/6/09

There is also a poem 'when I grow old and start to wear purple". It has to do with becoming a crazy old lady who doesn't care what people think and spits on kids,etc. Basically they are saying that he will be old and crazy one day and so will she, so why don't they just start now.

Wedding Colours? | Reviewer: Jinnak | 5/7/09

The meaning I got from the song stems from a (probably mistaken) thought that purple is a wedding colour among the gypsies. So, if true, you could say this song is a proposal of sorts. Please correct if I'm wrong, but I've had no luck researching this theory.

Why purple? | Reviewer: epitaph | 1/20/09

I think it's a reference to a poem, "When I am an Old Woman I Shall Wear Purple" which is about all the things the author intends to get up to when she's old and doesn't have to set a good example any more.

Google it, you'll see what I mean.

Why pick purple? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/16/09

I like this son, have nothing against it and just happen to like the color purple. But why write a song about it? Purple stands for royalty, diversion, power. There's a reason. Why wear it though?

To show your true self! That's why I think that this song is written. Show who you really are and be BOLD!

The meaning of the phrase Start Wearing Purple | Reviewer: Ann | 1/18/08

I just watched the movie Everything Is Illuminated, which ends with Start Wearing Purple as the credit music. If you're a fan of Eugene Hutz, the frontman of Gogol Bordello, I assume you've seen this film. :)

It's been interesting reading different ideas about the meaning of this song, but isn't it just advice similar to the title of the book "When I Am an Old Woman I Shall Wear Purple" Meaning... don't wait until you're old and have lots your wits, wear purple NOW. Enjoy life NOW. :)

Keep on dancing | Reviewer: daniel | 11/14/07

just heard your stuff at a studio while doing some recording. convinced us to stick a bit of accordian on one of our tunes braw. gogol bordello, the russian root system. keep on dancing!

What I read about SWP... | Reviewer: Lolacomesalive | 11/8/07

In an interview with EH, he says that Start Wearing Purple came from this: he was living with a girlfriend in the city (NY) and they had a crazy wacky out-of-her-mind old-lady neighbor who used to always wear purple. So when he and his girlfriend would get in an argument, Eugene would say to his girlfriend: "You may as well just start wearing purple now..." Hence... "Start wearing purple for me nooooow, all your vanity and wits they will all vanish, I's just a matter of time..."

Natalie | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/2/07

So I was wearing my "Start Wearing Purple" shirt today...and a girl asked me if I knew what the song was about....she said it was about an old lady neighbor. Well this is my take...ok, so gypsies steal from the rich...and purple is the color of if you are wearing purple...its like paying homage to the Romani. Either that, or it is a slang for geting drunk..."like three sheets to the wind"... either way....we like to get drunk and dance to it!!!
Tvairish....! (I don't know how to speel that..."comrade")

Russian translations | Reviewer: Ilya | 10/21/07

Guys don't even try translating russian bits to english. Even if you do translate you'll never get the meaning, cause russian is made of slangs and cultural phrases, which only have meaning to people who speak russian natively or closely familiar with russian culture.
Gogol rocks. (Google Gogol, its one of the greates russian writers of the 19th century.)

Translation | Reviewer: kzot | 9/9/07

yol didn't get the main point about Zvuki Mu

I ja kljanus obostzav dva paltza
schto muziko poshla ot Zzukov Mu!...

this means the followin:
And I swear that the music started with the Zvuki MU Band
u should have heard about this band - Petr Mamonov and stuff

Russian Translation | Reviewer: alinadiane | 8/17/07

The russian translation is...

I swear, peeing on two of my fingers, that music all started from the sound moo

FYI the peeing comment is like saying, I swear on so and so' s grave

I love the band | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/1/07

Yes, this is a great song, but I was wondering if some one oculd tell me what the following verse means:

I ja kljanus obostzav dva paltza
schto muziko poshla ot Zzukov Mu!...

Thank you!

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