SOL | Reviewer: Schumeit | 1/23/12

One of the greatest songs of Godsmack. Best vocal by sully, tony, robbie, shannon they're excellent. Video's neat! This song gives me an extra boost of energy! I listen this track before doing some hands off approach! Godsmack rocks\m/

the biggest mistake of my life | Reviewer: mark douglas | 4/4/11

I was told to listen to the song and read the lyrics'i was humbled by them as I messed up with my woman from idaho tiffany conner,she was and still is the love of my life and I dont say that lightly,also the lyrics I fucking hate you,oh man did she shoot me down in flames with that song,anyway if she gets this I am so fucking sorry darlin I think about you everyday and still love you my queen nothing aint going to change that and I aint a cheat never have been with you,Godsmack thank you for making me open my eyes and realising what a bloody fool I have been and start a petition get tiffany and mark back together oh I come frm glasgow.great songs.

wow | Reviewer: Naboolio! | 11/13/08

i love this song, and i love godsmack, their lyricsa are always well structured and their music and instrumentals and everyhting liek that are jsut unbelievable, everytime they come on, i have to sing and i bet all this energy and i jsut wnat to do liek head but a fridge when i listen to them because of all thsi energy i get from lsitneign to their music XD

GODSMACK - Straight out of line | Reviewer: Roby Bamboocha | 6/12/07

GODSMACK RULZ !!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE ALL SONGS !!!!!!! I AM A BIG FAN OF THOSE GUYS. and this song is preety cool.