love them | Reviewer: love you godsmack | 5/7/12

Godsmack is the best there is.i can feel passion in they music.lyrics are great.there is no better band then godsmack.forever respect to them.and thanks for all amazing albums you gave us.xx

godsmack...fenyx **sigh** | Reviewer: auwareagle47 | 1/25/08

---fenyx wrote: "i<3 this song cuz its basically a big slap in religions face (like the name of the band suggests),"....ok first off, fenyx, you're wrong on this... The members of Godsmack are Wiccan. The term godsmack is not a 'slap at religion.' It is actually a wiccan term that has to do with the 3-fold rule. Whatever you do good/bad to others will be revisited on you 3-fold. IF you do something bad, then your return of 3-fold bad back on you is often referred to as a 'godsmack.' AGain, nothing to do with mocking religion...especially considering wicca is a religion...SUlly has even said they respect all religions...not mock them...

a quote from SUlly of Godsmack: "Contrary to what most people wish to believe, Wicca is a very peaceful, harmonious and balanced way of thinking, an earth religion if you want. I believe it is the oldest religion, definitely pre-Christian, and we don't worship Satan or the devil because we don't believe in it. We believe that the earth is a mother to us all and we should honor and respect her and live a harmonious life. We don't own the earth but we are part of it and to destroy it means to destroy ourselves. We respect life above all. Respect for life and free thought I'd say are the basics for Wicca. We respect every other religion because we think all gods and goddesses are the same. People just worship them in a different way. Wicca is often mistakenly associated with evil, but we believe in Karma and if we do something bad it comes back to haunt us, as a godsmack! That's the basic creed, harm none. We don't sacrifice people and we don't sacrifice animals because we believe in harming no one. We also don't worship Satan; he is a Christian creation and they can keep him. Wicca doesn't work with fear. It's about your own consciousness and doing what's right. We believe in the Law of Three: whatever you do comes back three fold, good or bad."

another quote from SUlly:
"Spells are something like prayers. You wish for something and you try to direct your energy towards achieving it. If you think about it, it's not different from a prayer."

so, when he refers to praying, he is actually being serious about it- just not prayer in the christian sense....
and one last quote from an artical that includes -again- a quote from SUlly ... this time on what 'Shinedown' is about...

"'Shine Down' was another example of the band wrenching light from dark. "That one's not just a song of hope, but of realistic expectations," explains Sully. "It's about being human and having problems. About not being able to lift your head off the pillow, but knowing there's somebody out there that watches over us and a universe that protects us. I knew this new year would be rocking for us. It's not religious, but spiritual."

Unusual sentiments for a professed Wiccan like Erna, who insists he's someone who likes to look into all different types of belief systems. "It's about the power of the universe. It has nothing to do with heaven and hell. It's more about a presence or energy."

next time, research a little more before and find out for certain if there is a story/meaning behind the ideas of other people before calling them 'debatable' and also before insulting other people proclaiming to just automatically know what something is about.
At least Crow seemed to be trying to 'figure it out' before just spewing crap out of his mouth on what he thought it was about and twisting the meaning of this song by saying things like you did
"its basically a big slap in religions face (like the name of the band suggests), and it is saying that if god is all powerful, then why dont he give us a sign that he is actually there?"...but like everyone else, Fenyx, you are entitled to your just so happens-this time- yours are wrong

need to read more, use these links:

wutev | Reviewer: Fenyx | 11/27/07

ok, crow: first off let me tell you that you wrote waaaay too much. & also, music has always been a debatable topic, so everyone has their own veiws on it, even the name of a band. If you wanna think abt it ur way, fine, but ill think my own way. So ya...

Comment About Band Title | Reviewer: Crow | 11/14/07

Godsmack kicks ass. I've known that since 98. :) But their bandname is not a slap at God -- it's actually a reference to zits/cold sores. "Everyone gets their godsmacks" was a quote a bandmate used to describe a fellow bandmate’s zit or coldsore -- I'm guessing at least a decade ago. That’s how they say the band’s name came about.

As far as the god/religion stuff goes… For real, listen to their music. Regarding the song these comments are referencing contains lines like "Give me a reason to pray." Even if Godsmack insults religion, there is no way you could sing that passionately about God and heaven the way they do and insult him/it at the same time. Insulting religion and God are two completely different things.

I think they’re really insulting the establishment and organized religion, but not the metaphysical being(s) that watch over us. Of course, I could be diluted, but that’s just my take on the band in general.

“Give me a reason to pray” could mean a multiple of things… the current state of affairs, the breaking of our country…

“Shinedown, don’t take it away, no” I can really relate to personally. Because there are times I feel really connected to God, and times when I’m not connected as much. But when I’m not I know he’s there – I just need to reconnect somehow – whether through my efforts, or God’s. But that’s how I interpret that line of the song.

But these lines will just reiterate my point further…

“But I still believe in immortal love
And I know there's someone that's up above“

I don’t how the fuck you could say Godsmack was anti-god with lines like these… I dunno.. I could be crazy though.

This particular song is not saying “If God is all-powerful, then why don’t he give us a sign that he’s actually there” – as Fenyx writes. On the contrary, I think that a lot of Godsmack’s message (and frustrations) are based on the fact that God – whatever who you perceive him/her/them as (Wiccan in Sully’s case, but I’m not sure) – is being exploited by <i>man’s religion</i>. The line “Give me a reason to pray” is most likely frustration about the reality that we currently face – soulless war-ordering politicians, self-doubt, and myriads of impending social and ecological disasters.

A lot of their music is spiritual, IMO. I could be completely off-base, but it seems that they believe in some sort of god(s) and metaphysical things, (as everyone should – in their own interpretation), but they are definitely fed up with organized “religions” (like I am) which have become <i>nothing but deterrents for people who actually need god.</i>

If you listen to “Voodoo Too” on the same album… You would be hard-pressed to say that Godsmack is trying to deny God’s existence. “Voodoo Too” is saying that God’s amazing power and simplistic imaginatory beauty has been shrouded by organized religion. But I could just be nuts…

The problem with this country is that spirituality is delegated to a certain set of ordered behaviors and exact beliefs, and black-and-white thinking. This small container of a “model Christian” that they create is not only inaccurate but can’t possibly be imposed on everyone (or achieved). These sorts of expectations are hurting us as humans and deterring people from the God they came from by imposing unrealistic expectations about what someone else should believe about a God that is higher than them.

The result is that up-and-coming Americans have no interest in having a relationship with God, because the God that is advertised is just a limited infomercial book or neighborhood church. God can’t be contained in either of these containers, nor does he have all of the silly rules man tries to impose on society’s youngsters in our society’s case.

The sadder result is less people come to God – in any fashion – because they are afraid of the ultra-judgmental Christians in America – funny how NOT judging other people is a HUGE priority in the Bible, but churchgoers are pretty much unapproachable unless they see you as exactly like themselves.

I know these things. I know that American Churches are way out there with their expectations of people – which in effect, turns people away from a loving and benevolent God much bigger than, well, AMERICA itself. I just feel bad for the kid sitting out there that doesn’t know these things. That thinks he’s a bad person because he doesn’t think exactly like the people in his parent’s church do, or because he doesn’t act like they want him to, or smokes and drinks or whatever. Those are the people that will ultimately be pushed away from their creator by the very people who claim to be helping guide them to God. And no one really seems to give a shit.

God is cool. He’s huge. You don't even have to go to church, because he's everywhere. He's not some dumbass that needs to see your timecard to see that you're there on Sunday in some building to be judged by others. You don’t have to be perfect or fit a predefined human mold. For real. Believe in something bigger and good instead of having your faith crushed by Christian fundamentalists or prominent Jews or whoever it may be in your case. It’s a personal relationship between you and the cosmic God as you understand it. That’s not to say that the concept of Jesus is a bad thing at all. Just the American/evangelic concept – in my opinion. I think American’s image of Jesus has bruised Jesus. I don’t fit into either category – Christians don’t think I’m good enough, and non-Christians think I’m one of the Jesus-freak Christians. It’s a private thing to me anymore.

I dunno, I could be completely off-base about the band.. But they're f*’in great either way and that’s what f*in matters in rock. They’re very good. Sorry for the rambling. Believe.


Wow, way too long.

YAY!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Fenyx | 10/9/07

i <3 this song cuz its basically a big slap in religions face (like the name of the band suggests), and it is saying that if god is all powerful, then why dont he give us a sign that he is actually there? i love this song because the lyrics are the best thing i have heard in a while and i have always loved sully's voice... Godsmack roxxorz!!!

Shine Down | Reviewer: Mike | 6/13/07

If you do not like the their songs then you need to get a reality check because 45 is the

Godsmack is the SHIT | Reviewer: Nick | 1/5/07

So here we have of the best goddamn bands of today! Godsmack is fucking amazing...Sull Erna has such a strong and aggressive voice that delivers that killer sound with so much passion and aggression! When I first heard these guys back in '98, when Godsmack was released. I was an immediate fan! These guys know how to make music ina way that is unlike any other! My advice to you is simply this, check these guys out if you don't already know them, cuz by god you will NOT be disappointed. These fuckers sure know how to please me! Every CD they made Godsmack, Faceless, Awake, and IV were phenominal! (not to mention The Other Side). Fuck anybody who has a fucking problem with these guys! It sure beats the holy hell out of any rap, pop, hip hop, or emo bullshit, that sounds like shit! These guys kick ass! Godsmack is the SHIT!!!!!

solid lyrics and typical godsmack jaming | Reviewer: sm | 9/16/06

really dig the lyrics and have always liked the godsmack sound. lyrics are a little bit of a departure from the norm but its good to hear too. Just shows to jam you don't have to speak of death and hopelessness. Life and that love from above can jam every bit as much as the funky lyrics you sometimes get with bands anymore.