Awesome Music!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/1/13

To mrflinn you need to research the facts about Wicca before making assumptions. I am a Witch and am Wiccan. True Wiccans abide by the Witch's rede that states "do what ye will but harm not one. If ye chooses to still do harm then remember the rule of 3. What ye sends out ye recieves times 3." Also accusing a Pagan/Wiccan of worshiping the Devil is the eqivilant of accussing an athiest of worshiping God. To end that subject I love the music. It definatly shows that the music has emotion and they relate to it. That's why I love it. That's the best kind of music!

they are demonic: | Reviewer: mrflinn | 7/5/13

why distibute the music to kids if its going to invite strong spirits. i know alot about the Bible more than the devil because once you go into finding more about the devil and searching he comes after you. i donot like "godsmack". is this a way to worship the devil. i hate the devil . GOD IS REAL. READ A BIBLE.

godsmack=awesome | Reviewer: shayshay | 5/23/13

I would like to know what is with alot of bands, like this one,replaceing band members. why not just keep the original band? it would sound the same and it would be less work for biographies, autobiographies, and researchers.

GODSMACK IS THE SHIT!!! | Reviewer: Hunter 94 | 1/28/10

i have been a fan of godsmack for more then 10 years they are the best band and put on the best show. the changes concert was insane. sully is an amazing drummer and shonnon is bad ass at the drums. tony is fucking insane on the guitar and robbie can play the shit out of the bass. all i can say is that Godsmack is the shit!!

You Guys Rock Mii Soxx! :)) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/17/08 brother really likes your songs! He buys ur cds and he even put a sticker of godsmack in his car windshield..but he had a wreck and i dnt think he could get the sticker back! Anyways...Yall are the BEST! If someone dnt like ur music my brother will tell them off...thats how much he likes yall! I also like ur music! My brother and I always listen to ur cd's in his car...he turns it up really loud cuz he isnt embarassed of ur music! Other ppl prolly would be..i am sometimes cuz i just think its embarassing when ur sitting in line waiting for the wreck up ahead to be over! lol..but thats just wat i think...ohhh and he even read one of yalls books! Well thats about it! Bye! lol...

The perfect band | Reviewer: itay ron | 6/19/08

Godsmack is amazing, I heard them live and they sound just perfect, and bring loads of loads of energy to the stage.
There music is deffinately Heavy Metal and they dont scream compared to Children of Bodom, There type of metal is kinda different, its more like a new style, Sully is a god. He sings awesome and also there Accoustic songs kick ass too. Shanon is one crazy drummer :)They have songs for different types of a day. Voodoo helps me wake up :)

Rock'N'Roll | Reviewer: MetalMan | 3/25/08

I seen Godsmack twice and they put on a crazy fucking show! When Sully goes on hes drums and they have a drum off it's amazing! The music sounds great live and they bring a lot of energy to the stage. There a newer band but they make wicked fucking tunes!

theyve come a long way | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/14/07

At the center of godsmacks first 2 discs were 2 xtremes raging thrash metal and strange balladry. im not a fan of thrash(fuck metallica) or ballads so u probably know where im goin. but there last 2 albums were very good so there obviously evolving. cant wait for the next album it is gonna be sssssiiiiiiiiccccckkkkk.

amazing is an understatment to describe godsmack | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/24/07

I would just like to say that sully brings so much energy to the bands show and the band is really down to earth people i love yall ur amazing and so real... their songs have real meaning and people can actually realate ... thanks much xoxo!!

godsmack rule | Reviewer: jake | 5/26/07

god smack should be made saints in my eyes there amazing and there music has helped me through some bad times there such an amazing band and are VERY heavy without screaming

~u guys r the bomb~ | Reviewer: sky~high | 10/24/06

hi wuzz up i gotta tell u godsmack i the best..i got introduced to them by my friend 1 year ago..since then ive been listening to them a followed up on them a couple times...they are getting better and doing my project on them and i learned about every thing and this is the mot funn project ever cause i can do it on them..a reason y i listen to them i because there lyrics makes sence to me and also has meaning..i would hav to say that HOLLOW-BLEEDING ME-SPEAK r the song that i love to listen to on the album IV THIS band is the best and i was very inspired by them and i've been able to rite my songs a whole lot better when i listen to them

Godsmack Serve Areal Good Stuff | Reviewer: Bloodlines | 4/24/06

Godsmack from the first was a diffrent style and type of the metal Bands
MANY Peoples said they are a clone from aice in chains but thy are very wrong alice in cahins werent great as they and sorry for their fans but its true. and days pass and godsmack got more experience and melodiec songs.they did acoustic and it was just unbeatable now thy are just finished their IV and its almost out and its diffrent as usual i love sully .you know hes character and ways .and i love you shanon ,robbie,and tonnie