Awful!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/2/2008

I have to say that Girls Aloud have ruined this song!! (But thats my opinion) I think Wheatus sings it sooo much better I mean come on, songs sound way better from the person who originally sung it!! The songs dont sound as good when some pop group slightly changed the lyrics and re-sing it!!!

Inappropriate | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/23/2008

I feel the tone of the Girls Aloud version doesn't reflect the lyrics. The original song is about estrangement and fits very well with the alternative rock genre, whereas Girl Aloud are rather blatantly mainstream pop. It's very hard to take them seriously when they talk about being outcasts in a school. I think particularly they undermine the final verse, where the revelation is more like "Wow, we're both shallow!" instead of being about the girl revealing that she's not quite as generic-whitebred sorta person as the singer thought.

Also, I think Girls Aloud changed the "he drives an Iroc" line to "he drives while I rock"

Brilliant | Reviewer: Lee | 8/18/2008

I love both versions altho this 1 maybe more altho the lyrics above are wrong lol anyhow well done girls aloud, nd 4 the ppl below ur just jelous, are you a member of the most successful girl band in british history?? Didnt think so!!!

amazing shit! | Reviewer: becky | 7/15/2008

i love this.
if i listed to the original sang by Wheatus, i'd be fed up of listening to it. although, i did used to love this song sang by Wheatus but personally, i think that girls aloud has sang it so much better.

it's good because Wheatus is dedicating the song to a girl and now girls aloud are dedicating the song to a boy so i can sing along to it :)

plus girls aloud are amazing singing live!
thats why they won pop idol!

Like it! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/27/2008

Loved the Wheatus version and quite like this one too, although the idea of any member of Girls Aloud being a 'teenage dirtbag' is just silly. Nice to hear from a girls perspective tho =P
Incidentally, this song was part of the Radio 1 40th year celebration whereby 40 current bands took a number 1 hit from each year and did a cover of it.

Much better than the Original!!! | Reviewer: Lukester15 | 1/30/2008

This version of Teenage Dirtbag by Girls Aloud is so much better than the original, for many various reasons. It has a better tune, Girls Aloud are much better singers and you can understand every word they say. On the original by Wheatus, you cant make out quite allot of what he was saying, so you'd find yourself having to look up the lyrics for the song to understand what he was saying.

rubbish!!!!!! | Reviewer: sazzy1521 | 1/17/2008

wot were Girls Aloud thinkin?!?! this i a rubbish version! (i would use stronger language 2 express me opinion but wont! lol) the Wheatus version is soooooo much better i LOVE this song n girls aloud have ruined it 4 me! ='(
sarah xxxx

dis is bad | Reviewer: i h8 grlz aloud | 11/26/2007

dis song is way bad i cant believe day make moiney by rippin off udda pplz stuff dey completely tuk a gud song and ruined it. im gonna go cry in mi pillow. i h8 u drlz aloud!! u make me sick!!

rubbish | Reviewer: peacemaker | 5/15/2007

Girls aloud seem to be making alot of records already made by ppl I'm starting to think that they can't write their own songs anymore. I have to say that Wheatus is so much better

sick song!! | Reviewer: lu rox!!!!!! | 3/16/2007

this song is way better than the original version at least you can hear what there saying yea the old one by wheatus is good but this is just way wy better!!! this kicks ass!!! best song eva