Fandabadozey | Reviewer: laura Paterson | 4/6/09

I came to see you at Edinburgh castle and i thought you all were fandabadozey and i got your pictures and put them on my room wall and they have not been took down once and i am a big fan of girls aloud and i will do anything to keep them going. So keep on going and never give up.

love from Laura PAterson
age 13 yaers old
please write back to me xx

Breath of fresh air | Reviewer: Tony | 3/26/09

Girls aloud are a breath of fresh air, in todays music world full of gangster type kill people rubbish, Girls aloud look great sound great and dont beat up photographers. I think they are the best singing group to come out for a long time, all their tracks on all the albums are great, and if Sarah Harding is ever looking for a date with a proper bloke give us a line on me e-mail Sarah...

girls aloud are the best | Reviewer: rebecca | 3/6/09

girls aloud are the best girl group ever! love all their singles! they are so good. love you cheryl, kimberley, nadine, nicola and sarah! love you so much!
i also like the saturdays, sugababes and atomic kitten.
once again i love you cheryl, kimberley, nadine, nicola and sarah.

i wanna see you live but my mum wont let me, probley see you when i am 20 if you are still together! please stay together FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!

girls aloud are the best | Reviewer: Emily | 2/18/09

girls aloud are the best because they do lots of fun stuff like they make new albums and they have lots and lots of laughs together.
love emily

live performance | Reviewer: Monica St | 12/7/08

Although they are Britains favourite girl group, and have great songs, their performance live on stage are very poor, they could put me to sleep, those beautifull girls just walking around sometimes not even following the rhythm, rubbing their ass on the others guys, no way i'll stick with the cd.

GIRLS ALOUD ROCK | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/22/08

I am a big big girls aloud fan and i love them all so much i feel like they are family as i have watched them grow lol
IF I HAD 1 WISH IT WOULD BE TO MEET THE GIRLS OR TO SPEND A WEEK WITH THEM like thats ever going to happen anyway my favourites are kimberley and cheryl but i like them all for different reasons

anyway carry on doing your thing
you are the best girl band of all time as they say in st trinians:WE ARE THE BEST SO SCREW THE REST LOL


girls aloud are cool on the girls aloud tour the greatest hits tour at nottingham arena | Reviewer: laura patterson | 7/25/07

i like watching girls aloud videos
and i do like all of girls aloud what they were on stage and i do have my favourite in girls aloud is cheryl tweedy i did like cheryl tweedy black outfit she were on stage i did like all of girls aloud clothes they were on the girls aloud
tour i did injoyed watching girls aloud in consert and i do like all of girls aloud songs and my favourite bit is when they sang something kind of ooh and i have got two girls aloud songs is the show and wake me up and love machine.

girls aloud rule | Reviewer: naomi | 6/10/07

hya lv al ya songs nd u were great in sheffield wen i came 2 c u a couple of weeks bk. jus doin sum music hwk on u now lol. lv u all so much. xx

girls aloud cool | Reviewer: arnie | 6/6/07

girls aloud rocks they are wicked i like there songs and there videos love ya girls aloud from arnie

girls aloud laura | Reviewer: laura patterson | 6/3/07

i would like cheryl tweedy is clothes she wears when she is wearing them on the girls aloud videos theshow the funny thing is on the video
theshow when she puts on a waxing on to his leg
and red paint all over his body i like all of girls aloud in the vidoes is theshow and love
machine and wakeme up stand by you video
my very favourite video is walk this way
vs the sugababes vs girls aloud i like your picture on your single on the front cover on your cd girls aloud and the sugababes.