girl aloud | Reviewer: sam | 5/8/07

love girl aloud for ever.
and they all so prtty.
BUT. i like chery the most.
keep your album comeing.
we all love you.
bye. love you

brill band | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/14/07

i luv girls aloud!!!!!! mainly cuz dey r all so prtty n dey also sing great songs. I luv kimberly da most if only i knew her surname!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cnt wait until yur nxt album!!!!!
i wish dat u du a nice song but u always do!!!!! do i seem very chatty fr n 11 year old???????????????????????????????????????????
bye fr nw

hi | Reviewer: Eileen | 12/19/05

hi ya u ok what u been up 2 luv ur new songs fink there brill cant wate 2 get the album. I wounld like 2 see you sing hit me baby one more time sung by britney speraes . luv ya bye

Brilliant band. | Reviewer: Becky | 9/1/05

Girls Aloud are the UK's biggest girl band. Here are the reasons why so many people love them:
~Each song is different to the last, but not too different to make it sound like two artists.
~They all have great talent
~The girls be and stick up for themselves
-Their videos are brilliant and classy
~They have very dedicated fans, which brings in even more fans
~In Wake Me Up they sing one some of the best lyrics to be featured in a pop song of all time