GIRLS ALOUD!!! | Reviewer: Nadine | 2/7/07

well what i think is that girls alud is really the best there songs re perect i mean i just love them and specially the vidios i mean like the vidios are amaizing i mean such rythem i love them!! they also dress really god and i also like them because my name is just like nadine nevermind they are so pretty and i love how they dress if the actually put me to put something that i think girls aloud shoul improve on i would be speechless i mean like nothing cause look first they have beutiful voices 2 they are perfect 3 they are beutiful 4 they dress really nice i want to learn how do sing like them cause they have really nice voices!!!

Lovin the love machine | Reviewer: Amy | 1/2/07

Ooooooh I love this tune! Gets every ones booties shakin when ever and where ever, even my boss danced to it at Christmas!!

the best | Reviewer: megz | 6/8/06

I am doing a school variety show and my group have chosen love machine to dance to it just has a great rhythm

sashka fridl | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/4/06

i love girls aloud i am there biggest fan like eva i wish i could meet them i'ld do any thing and i love the song love machine it is so good to dance to.

sashka fridl | Reviewer: sashka | 4/4/06

i love girls alod i am there biggest fan like eva i wish i could meest them i'ld do anything
love machine is so good to dance to.
love ya gals

Love at first sight | Reviewer: Fionnuala | 1/18/06

Fuck the girls I want to marry Darryl Doyle I love him he is so sexy in the bed and really I 'm ashleih flevile sorry your too cute

girls aloud rock | Reviewer: abs bry and aimee | 2/27/05

girls aloud are so so glad they won pop idol and not them stupid one true voice boys.they were so so stupid.girls aloud rock. go the way every time us 3 go to a disco we always ask for love machine.

Love Machine My Favourite song | Reviewer: Alanna Martin | 1/29/05

I absoultley love Girls aloud and all there songs bt this songs amazing to listen to. I hope you like this song to because i love them

the best eva | Reviewer: tia | 1/28/05

i love the song me and my mates are going for a singing audition and we are singing that so i love the dancce movea

i e f f i n l u v i t!! | Reviewer: becky boo | 1/3/05

i realli like this song cuz it was on wen i found out tht i had passed my exams an gt in2 a gd song this is da luckiest song evr!!!!!!!