see ya artic monkeys | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/3/10

i toltaly disagree!!! its girls aloud taking the pis out of the artic monkys because girls aloud rocks!!! plus this is my best song. i once sang it infront of my school (250 people)for the talent show and i won. everyone said it was the best song they ever lisened to.

Girls Aloud Rock!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Tara | 10/27/09

omg i love girls aloud they are so beatiful especialy nadine i love that name my favourite is nadine then cheryl then it would have to be nicola and then kimberley then sarah but dnt get me wrong i love sarch and kimberly even tho they are last on my list x

Good music Crap Lyrics!! | Reviewer: Anon | 12/28/08

Overall i like this song it has good music but looking over the lyrics its awful!!
"Loving me is as easy as pie"
Seriously thats gotta be the stupidist line to put in a song.
much prefer the artic monkeys version cause they take the mic out of the girls aloud version and their version rocks!
Its a shame that girls aloud had to sing this song cause there a good band but these lyrics seriously do take the piss

Gr8 girls | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/10/07

Hi fab site for lyrics
I met the girls last week and they are so nice to talk to really friendly and they look amazing

how much talent | Reviewer: shannon | 6/27/07

me and my friends shannon katy and sarah performed love machine at our school talent contet and every one loved it and we performed it in our playground so every one gathered round us and started to join in with the song and the actions

About the song Love Machine performed by Girls ALoud | Reviewer: Anamaria | 5/31/07

If you wanna hear something great check out the Arctic Monkeys doing it on youtube cuz this version is godawful.

About the song Love Machine by Arctic Monkeys dammit | Reviewer: NotRio | 5/31/07

If you wanna hear something great check out the Arctic Monkeys doing it on youtube cuz this version is godawful.

i luv girls alowd | Reviewer: sian | 3/31/07

i luv girls alowd there sooo machine isone of the best i gotta say. my auntie loves the song knows all the words ans dances to it shes so funnny

Confused face???? | Reviewer: Ergat from Kazakhstan | 3/20/07

This lyric is about love machine?

Like vibrator no?

girls aloud!!!!! | Reviewer: navin | 2/8/07

well i think that the girls aloud is the best i mean i like love their song they are so cool absolutly love how they dress i mean in their vidios like love machine their dresses and their hair style is the best in the whole wide word! i also like girls aloud because one of the girls has my name which is : nadine nadine nadien nadine nadine nadine nadine nadine nadiene nadine nadine nadine nadine nadine nadine nadine NAdine! I JUST LOVE THEM i mean everything it has a grat rythem to dance too i mean like in discos yeah i knw you people think iam 15 but i am not i am 12 and i go to dicos and stuff like that my boyfriend hates girls aloud but i like slap him for that because they are the best wait a minute i have 12 boyfriens well my rule is always that you have as many boyfriends as your age yeah i know you guys probobly think i am a b**** but i don't know i do love them all but is part of myy rules have as many boyfriend as your age so gilrs aloud i love you and other girls in the world follow my example!!!!!



p.s : i love you gilrs aloud