Very blessed and highly favored man!! My Dream Has Came True | Reviewer: Laterica D. Thompson | 2/17/13

Well Elgin Baylor Lumpkin Jr aka:Ginuwine I would like to say that you are truly blessed and may god continue to bless you... I've been waiting all my life to see since I was 12yrs old.. I love everything about you especially your music, your style, and the way you sing just does something to me. I can relate to some alot of your songs. "There It Is" None of your friends business" Wait a Minute" "Pony" What's So Different" "2way" In Those Jeans" Stingy" "2 Reasons I cry" Ginuwine I just love you. I never thought I would get the chance to meet you but last night I must say my dream has finally came true......

Your my favorite: | Reviewer: Jasmine S Reed | 12/21/10

Elgin i just wanna say I love u and ur music! I appreciate u every time u come to Detroit I'm where u at!! Whenever I here ginuwine got a concert I'm there! Lol u seem real cool down to earth. It's nice to have singer that wanna meet and let there fans kno that u love them!!god is good I love u stay blessed:)

your number one fan | Reviewer: neundra king | 2/10/08

I just want to say that i love your music. I love the way you sing. When you sing, you touch people in many ways. I remember one night i played "Differences" on my cd player to help me sleep. I played it all night. When i woke up it was still playing.My biggest dream is to meet you one day. Me and my twin. We just love you so. Thank you for being you and doing what you do. Don't change it for no one.

For You | Reviewer: Sheretta | 8/23/07

I would love to do a just one song with you. Your pleasuring voice and comforting words make music worth listening. Seriously your the best and working with you would be a honor.

Love Always

n/a | Reviewer: lani | 5/23/07

i only have a myspace e-mail so u could it me up when is ur next album

Ginuwine has changed my life forever | Reviewer: Jeana Shores | 4/19/07

I would just like to say that I will never stop listening to Ginuwine ever! I play all his CD's in my car and get a lot of people asking dang...Jeana you still bumping Ginuwine and I am like YES...even my kids ask me to please let them listen to the radio for 5!!! But I am such a big fan that I can't get him out of my head....Ginuwine is the reason why me and my fiance' are together...My man and I pay him all the time...We love you G. Please remain the same old G...and God Bless you and Tanya & all the beautiful kids you guys have...Keep bringing out the wonderful music...Take it back to the basics G...and b.t.w., I love the part on the Back 2 da Basics Inro when your son says: Dad, you got to go back to the basics...ohhhh he sounds so cute...Well, I am one of your biggest fans and I want to say keep it comin...I love you G.

From one of you biggest Fans,
Angelina Jeana (G)Shores

lovers and friends | Reviewer: sherleta | 2/12/07

do u love sexy girls like me i will be at the back at hamersmith palais i am sexy and 19 i will be with a friend and call you when i see u on valentine's day.

lots of love sherleta

He is the truth | Reviewer: Destinee | 10/8/05

Ginuwine is sexy,talented,and the truth. Ginuwine is the most talented artist out there. If you don't agree with me you must be crazy.