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Performed by Gerry Rafferty

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Memories.... | Reviewer: Brakovich | 2/25/09

This song brings back good memories about my childhood. When the song came out,i was a child. I used to listen to the radio,in secret,when i was lying in my bed. My mum and dad used to sit outside in front of our house,it was summertime,and they never found out i was listening to the radio. In those days Baker Street was a big hit in the Netherlands and was played very often on the radio,so i heard it very often.... Now,when i hear that song,i go back to my childhoodyears and i see a little kid listen to his little green radio. And now,living in a cruel world,i wished i could go back in time and listen to that little green radio once more....

Greetz from Holland

The Best there is... | Reviewer: Rob | 2/18/09

After listening hundreds, hundreds and hundreds of (different kind of) songs in a long period of time, I am still deeply moved by this partly clear, partly enigmatic and mysterious song, so warmly sung by its maker Gerry Rafferty.
The 'marriage' within of lyrics, melody and instrumental arrangement has almost no equivelent, so unbelievebly good it is.
Everyone 'knows' what its lyrics point at, although it is hardly to describe. It's simply the best song ever been written.

"Big Baker" Harris County Jail 1200 Baker Street Houston | Reviewer: SoccerMom | 12/22/08

I could NOT get this song out of my mind when I was in the Harris Co. Jail on Baker street. I was in there for protecting my child...anyway, it's weird but thinking of this song & singing it (in my mind) helped me through such a difficult chapter of my life & I still love it!

Baker Street | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/20/08

So this song is deep for me and means alot. I am still young but the story is my father's and it affects me. Music is very big in my family and everyone in my family plays an instrument but we are mainly Saxophone players. Well one day I asked my Dad why the sax? and he told me that he was set on playing the French Horn for his school's band, well one day he was just kistening to the radio and he heard the song. From the moment he heard the song he said that he knew he wanted to play sax. This song is what made me the sax player that I am today. So it's like when I hear the song I see the story, my story. Great song, and I never knew that the sax solo was originally supposed to be a guitar solo.

Oh yeah, its like Kryptonite | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/13/08

It makes me weak in the knees every time I hear it. It's that plaintive sax and the lyrics and the refrain. At once melancholy yet soaring and exhilarating. I was in my late 20s, in the midst of a passionate love affair when Baker Street first aired and it expressed everything I was feeling at the time. It still has the power to stop me in my tracks as it grabs my soul and won't let go.

Arrogant musician crap | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/8/08

I don't get anything from this song. The lyrics come off as arrogant, of course everybody tells themselves some things its what keeps you going,
It just seems to be written about somebody not finding what they were looking for in the big city,Big whup, What's new, The sax is great but the song does not need such sappy lyrics sung with a generic musician whine.

great song, sad though | Reviewer: Brenda | 9/21/08

I remember being 26 years old when that song
came out...I was hospitalized with a nervous
breakdown at the time. So for
years afterward I would always be reminded of
my situation back then when I heard that song.
But being a huge music fan I finally searched
and found out who did the song and I think it
is truly a one of a kind, and the sax is very
powerful. I appreciate that song now. Time
does heal.

CAR STOPPER | Reviewer: Mikey D! | 8/16/08

There are few songs I pull over for, "Without You" by Harry Nilsson would be one. But Baker Street brought my car to a grinding halt. Why?, my eyes began to cry and I could no longer see the road.

I knew it was Raphael on Sax as soon as the track started. But Gerry who? Soon found out... What a classic 'evergreen' this song is.

To many it's a 'downer', about losing and giving up but to others it's inspirational and uplifting.
It can also make you sad, but we all need to be sad sometimes, that's a great release. But conversely it says Hey! if it don't work out you can always go home and be comforted, if you have one that is, otherwise its gotta be tough. But then the only way is up! so that's positive...

Forget the lyric for the moment, how uplifting is Raphael's Sax. When I hear that and I do often, it makes me want to fly, although sometimes cry, but in a good way, like watching someone win a gold medal at the Olympic Games.

Gerry wrote that song before he made it big. Its not hard to imagine that he was about to give up and head home. Like you I'm glad he didn't and I guess the moral of this story is never give up on your dreams, sometimes it's all most of us have and if we believe in ourselves enough, they can and sometimes do come true. Here's hoping yours do...

Mikey D!

baker street | Reviewer: exer | 6/20/08

In 1978 when I was 18-19 young soldier,I heard this song first time and I almost cried.The feeling was so intense that even now when I think of it takes me back to that year and I can see vividly another place that song took me to.
Garry whwrever you are let's have a beer together mate.

I can't get this song out my head | Reviewer: Lavern Allen | 4/6/08

The voice, the tune, the lyrics - all did it for me. I didn't know the name nor the singer but my local radio wmmo98.9 in Florida plays it almost everyday. I always listened until one day I figured the name is Baker Street and then I was on the net checking it out. I learnt the words within 5 minutes - I had to becaue the song is always playing in my head and pulling at my heart. Love you Gerry

True for me as well | Reviewer: ranwulf | 3/26/08

I was 12 when this song came out, and even then I knew it was a classic. Years later I moved to Manhattan, and wow - after a few years this song really said everything about my life at the time. Eff'n amazing tune, and an inimatable sax solo!

such a beautiful song! | Reviewer: Laurence | 3/22/08

The entire second verse is true to my life at the moment - i moved into a city to go to uni but i find it so horribly isolating despite there being loads of people as the song says there is no soul. i ride to uni and back every day with this playing from my phone and it helps me to cope. when i finish my marine degree i'm going to buy a boat and listen to this as i sail far far far away! amazing how someone can write a song that affects so many people in so many different ways!

I lived this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/2/08

This song describes my last summer living in Cleveland, Ohio, my hometown. Whenever I hear this song, I get so homesick that I cry.

Clevelander in Exile

Baker Street | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/23/07

I graduated from HS in 1978. Everytime I hear this song it brings me back to that summer and a true summer romance. The sax solo is way way way seductive.

"Baker Street" is the pinnacle of 70's pop/rock | Reviewer: Drew | 11/19/07

I was 7 years old when this was released, I love it as much today as I did the summer of '78 when I first heard it - the song just grabbed & shook me. I begged mom to take me to the record store where I bought the single - just played it over & over (left the record clamp up on the old BSR chager so it would repeat the record - remember that practice?). I wore out three copies of that 45 & didn't realize there was a longer version on the "City to City" LP until I was in college. I was disappointed to learn that Gerry did little more than sing and play rhythm guitar on his biggest hit, but that fact in itself makes "Baker Street" an excellent paradigm of a bygone era where producers hand-pick the best pro studio musicians playing the best instruments and record them in the best studios. The production, performance and engineering of the recording is flawless, and it sounds fabulous no matter how loud you play it. "Baker Street" speaks to all of us who have set out on our own with lofty goals and found the world a little colder than we anticipated.

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