One of the top 5 punk bands | Reviewer: Darren | 7/11/11

Definitely one of the best punk bands. I'd say my number three (behind The Ramones and The Clash). Also, inspired me to write my own song about Darby. Such is this mans influence, I've never even written a song about The Ramones (who have been my favourite band for the last 4 or 5 years). Thanks for the great music, Darby, and rest in peace brother!

misinformation | Reviewer: John | 11/16/09

"Bobby became re-incarnated as Darby Crash, the new Sid VICIOUS stule swastika boy martyr like his fave band the SEX PISTOLS."

the Sex Pistols weren't Darby's favorite band, don't think he even liked them. The only band mentioned in the Lexicon Devil book that he liked during the booming London punk scene was the Ants.

the germs were fucking amazing | Reviewer: rob | 3/10/09

just an absolute amazing accomplishment in punk rock history. They're really what I admire in punk rock and how uncomfterble with the truth it makes the ones who don't understand feel.

Long Live the germs.

The Germs Rock! | Reviewer: Chase | 8/1/04

The Germs are one of the best punk rock bands ever. enough said.