Love, love, love it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/22/10

my boyfriend just played this song for me the first time the other it, love it. i put it on my ipod nad have to listen to it every chance i get. I musta been sleepin on this song for real. im playing it at our wedding for our first song...we are silly like that and our friends and family will get a kick that this is the song we chose

REVIEW OF THE LYRICS OF "WEAR IT OUT" | Reviewer: Tracy Grant | 11/10/07

I know that you were trying to aid all those Gerald Levert fans who may not know the lyrics to this song. I'm sorry to disappoint you and tell you that all of your lyrics are not CORRECT. Please only post the lyrics if you truly know ALL of the words to the song.

karla | Reviewer: karla | 4/23/07

the lyrics that u have posted for wear it out are incorrect. how long does it take for you to understand that and correct your site?

This is not Waer It Out | Reviewer: missy | 4/17/07

Sorry this are not the lyrics to Wear It Out!!

Excellent Song | Reviewer: Tyreena | 12/26/06

I love the song especially the breakdown, but the lyrics that are posted on this site is not for wear it out the lyrics are for U got that love

excellent | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/13/06

i heard him sing this on showtime at the apollo and loved it....