Missing You Gerald Levert (R.I.P) | Reviewer: C. Thompson | 6/1/07

Rest In Peace now my friend for you have foughten a well fight. I will miss you dearly and your memory shall always stay in my heart as well as my mind. Just Like the song that you sung with all your mite "I too was made to love you" And that's something that I will forever do. Love goes out to the family and the friends, but most of all the children I know that your hearts are aching and your eyes are full of pain but let not your days be full or hurt for now he's only resting and he's in the arms of God. God gave us Gerald Levert and he dicided when he would call him home. I know that you made it through that pearly white gate and hopefully one day I can/will join you.

I Love Greald Levert | Reviewer: monishia.griffin | 4/19/07

I never thought he were sick. I really enjoy his love making songs.I always bought his music so much.

Silky Smooth Artist | Reviewer: mark miller | 3/10/07

Gerald Levert is a one of a kind artist that is truly missed by all of his fan's,he may not be here with us in the flesh but he is definitely here in the spirit!May God continue to bless your family.MARK MILLER

Gone but not forgotten.... | Reviewer: Lenita Livingston | 11/14/06

My deepest sympathy goes out to the family. Gerald will be missed but not forgotten. To the family, God will not put more on you then you can bare. Just trust in him and keep your faith, he will bring you through all the heart ache and pain. Even though he is gone in body, spirit of his music lives on. You are all in my prayers. God bless you.

Lenita Livingston
Charlotte, NC

I love me some G-Bear | Reviewer: Natisha | 11/11/06

He will be truly missed.

Sorely missing GERALD LEVERT!! | Reviewer: Neka | 11/11/06

Gerald Levert was an astounding performer, very sensual and soulful singer~ it's no wonder why he was able to belt out tunes from his heart; he was born under that one sensuous sun sign "Cancer" which is why I know I truly felt his appeal to the core! Gerald will be SORELY missed and the R&B community has truly lost a premium STAR! I love his music and it's ageless, from the beginning starting with the hit I so love "Cassanova." May GOD Bless the family and his legacy at this troubling time of loss and grief!

Gerald Levert | Reviewer: Katherine Mccoy | 11/11/06

I would like to extend my deepest sympathy to the family and friends. I too had to send away a loved one today. But remember God is able. Just keep looking up. And remember to be absent from the body is to be present with the LORD

My Deepest Sympathy | Reviewer: Karla Reese | 11/10/06

Gerald I Love you and will miss you deeply, I will continue to listen to your music. You will be well missed my the world of music.

Love you Gerald
Karla Reese
Detroit, MI

one of the greatest | Reviewer: gloria clark | 11/10/06

I feel Gerald Levert was a great singer. Put me in the mind of his father. He sang so well. He will truly be missed. My prayers go out to his family. May god bless them all and carry this burden for them and feel their hearts with his presence.