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just us | Reviewer: Jennifer Bookout | 9/23/08

Hello George,
My name is Jenn, I have been listening to you since the bandages started, in Steal of The Night. Now that I have two daughters, they to truley injoy your music. Everyday when I get home from work I can hear the music from the time I shut the car door. We really love you and your music. I recently bought my gils and I a Rock Band... But we don't know any of the songs on it, because we usually only listen to country music. I wish that there was a country music game for it. Now i'm only one person but I think that it would sell wonderfully. Of course you would have to be on it, along with Alan Jackson, George Jones, Garth Brooks, Kenny Chesney, and many, many more great artists. Its just an idea my girls and I came up with, and thought maybe you could help us out, we are rock illiterate.
Thank You So Much,
And We Love You, and
Hope to see much, much
More of you in the
Jennifer, Jessie,
& Taylor Bookout

Two year missionary under gods wing ............ | Reviewer: Ben Cates | 9/19/08

I know i will sound cleshay and perhaps state things half the world has stated as well. But before i get into that, id just like to say that on October 8th, i will be leaving the country for two years to serve as a missionary ( representing the church of jesus christ of latter day saints) in the country samoa. I will be stationed in the Mission Training Center in provo utah for bout nine weeks or so to learn what i can of the samoan language and teach what i can with a companion out there i will soon get to know. But i am doing this on my own and money out of my own pocket. and id like to state that even though im hanging up my boots n saddle and pickn up the bible for two years, only one person through his natural self and music has pulled me into realization that i will be watched over and on top of that comforted. Mr. Strait, youve kept me comforted through your passion of music and meaning you bring out in ur voice. But once i get back into what i call the heartland of the world and finish college, I'm going to be a country singer and keep that traditional music alive. It will take patience and time, but remember the name " Ben Cates " cuz i will reach my dream. Once i do i'd be honored to even have my name mentioned along yours mr. strait. I hope one day i may stand face to face with you and carry a simple conversation that may last a lifetime. Thank you for being who u wanna be.

Strait Leo KIng | Reviewer: Mel | 9/7/08

Hi George,
I was just wanting to tell you i lease the horse that you used to own. Strait leo King a.k.a Wrangler. He was in one of your music videos as a baby he was galloping in the background. I have not yet figured out which video it is but I will know soon

I fell in a flower pot in front of George Strait | Reviewer: Cindy Anderson | 4/30/08

I wanted to share a moment with everyone on meeting George strait.
After the concert; my two girlfriends and I went to the hotel he was staying at and yes did the groupie thing by waiting on his floor just for a chance to tell him how great we thought he was.
As my two friends were talking to him I panicked and started walking backwards and sputtering gibberish and fell in this big wet flower pot, I couldn't function normally. George was so polite he came over to me smilling and probably embarrassed for me, gave out his hand and said " No one has ever fallen in a flower pot for me." He gave me a hug(he smelled so nice.)asked if I was alright but I still couldn't speak, He gave me his autograph on a business card I had in my pocket. The one thing I really remember is what a gentelman he was to a silly girl in a flower pot with wet dirt all over her.

Country Singer | Reviewer: Viktoria , Nebraska | 3/18/08

Hi my name is Viktoria I have been singing country ever since i was a little girl i am now 17 years old. My biggest idol would be george strait because his songs have brought me through the hardest times in my life and i was wondering if he would be able to help me out not just because he is famous but because i need some help to become something. I want to go to college but my family dont have the money to put me in and its the hardest time in any young adults life when their trying to figure out who they are. Thank you

to write songs for George strait | Reviewer: carol | 2/3/08

I was married to some one that used t Know George Strait. He told me he help write songs for several Country singers. But we divorced several year a go.But what I did learn was the movie pure country was about this person at the beginning og the movie was decated to john doe. My husband that I was married to this is going to be hard to believe was the one John doe in the movie. My husband told me all about the movie and in the movie about it all. I Have the movie pure country. My husband became very ill. He tought me a lot about how to write songs and was hoping one day to get some songs to George strait. What realy happen there were a lot of women out there knew who my husband was. I was so blind at the time and sure enough a woman broke us up. Because she was trying to get the songs from a not book that my husband had. He told me if any thing ever hapen to him to get these songs out to George strait. I still have these songs because my husband died. I very much would like to get a hold of George strait and tell him the story about these songs. And I have writen a few to I am from Crowell Texas and I know that George Strai has been to crowell Texas calf roping some. I am a farmers daughtor and Geroge my know who my dad is because my dad was a well know man and he is still living. I sure hope some one will please help me go get these songs out and I am hopeing to get a story also to George Strait of what I was told about the movie pure country. In the movie my husband told me aboutd the deanding chicken and him and george Strait talked about when that happen I know the whole story and every thing. I sure sould like to tell my story to him. These songs this woman she tryed to still tham from my house and she got caught. I wen't threw a lot of stuff just because of the songs. I realy didn't under stand it till my husband told me about song wrighter and singers . my husband played with alabama, ricky van shelton and randy travis and more. I have some of the songs that have been sung by these counrty singers and I sure would like to get these that have not been published to get to George strait. Please let me know something soon. Thinks so much 2-3-08

Hey I Iwant to know | Reviewer: Sandra Boyd | 1/31/08

I would like to know if George is any kin, It would really excite me if we are,I love George,he reminds me so much of my dad.every time I see George,I think of my dad.Got me to where i want to trace my family tree.

Birthday present | Reviewer: jordan willis | 11/2/07

I was wondering if george strait could show up for my moms birthday party. it would mean the world to her. george is her favorite singer of all time and mine also. if it is possible then give me a call 918-698-3627

A Dream- NEVER GIVE UP | Reviewer: Mary Ann Maycen | 9/30/07

I was hoping that I could get a message to George Strait. I am a volunteer for the Kyle/ Buda VFW Post 12058 located in Kyle, Texas. They have no building to call home. My dream is to build these men and women that have made so many sacrifices for us a" North Hays Veteran Center". We have several soldiers that have returned from the " War on Terrorism" with many handicaps, they suffer from Depression, PTSD, Short term memory loss due to a brain injury, nightmares. The list is endless. Sadly, many have come home only to be served with divorce papers and a gift of unpaid bills.
I also volunteer in Austin helping these soldiers with the " Unmet Needs Program". It is very emotional for me to sit and read their letters why they need assistance. Many of our veterans are going to college to earn a degree in hopes of finding a job. Many do not have a place to study, many have no computers to use, many just need a private place to talk to their fellow comrades about the memories of war that will last a lifetime.
Many need help in filling out important paper work but have no place to obtain this help.
This year this generous group of veterans will present two scholarships in the memory of Cpl. Micheal Davis, a 22 year old soldier that lost his life in battle on May of 2007.I had the honor of attending his Memorial Service held in San Marcos, Texas where he lived. A father lost his only son. The second scholarship will be awarded in memory of one of the post's members who lost his brother-in-law in Iraq who also lived in San Marcos, Texas. These scholarships will be awarded @ a ceremony on October 23, 2007 to Sr. Army ROTC Cadets from Texas State that are contracted Iraq Vets who will return to active duty.
I have collected some money for my dream but I have a long road ahead of me. I am a fighter and I do not give up.
I am asking if Mr. George Strait can assist me in any way to build them a Veteran Center here in Hays County Texas.I can't think of a better gift to give our brave and courageous veterans.

God Bless,

Mary Ann Maycen
Director, Veteran Center/ Volunteer
web-site: www.
512-351-4786- Home
e-mail or director @

A boy named Wyatt | Reviewer: Cyndi McKinley | 9/4/07

I have a six year old son named Wyatt. He wished his name was George Strait. If you ask him who his favorite person is he will say, "George Strait." We just got a new dog and he asked me, "What is George Straits dogs name?" and that is how I came to find this website. If I could find a way to get my son to meet George Strait that would mean the world to be just like he means the world to me. It just goes to show George even has the littlest of fans! I am glad my son wants to grow up and be like George Strait.

Thank you George for being a role model my son can proudly look up too!

A Relative | Reviewer: Shirley Farmer | 8/22/07

I was reading the biography of the "Boyd Family" and I see where George and I are in the same family. I want to know if he is interested in his family tree from Mississippi? I would love to hear from him.

Derek Mannion, Ireland | Reviewer: Derek mannion | 8/20/07

he is the king of country music without a doubt, he just keeps releasing hit after hit.i was priveledged to have got to see his 2 of his shows last year while living in the usa, amazing thats all i can say. keep up the great work george.

Derek, ireland

Concert | Reviewer: Kourtney Price | 6/2/07

I wanna see you in concert for the first time! it would be the greatest thing in the whole world to me! Ive always loved your music i own every song out of yours but just havent seen you in concert due to the location i am in!

orginial song review | Reviewer: Russell Hull | 4/14/07

I wrote a song called "Run Through The Rain" which I think is right for George. Would he care to review it? I've been writing songs for years.
Russell Hull

Ms. | Reviewer: Betty Roberts | 3/8/07

I would like to know if it is possible to speak to George , on the phone or to meet him in person
Betty Roberts
480 354 8000

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