sad song make me cry | Reviewer: joy soles | 1/14/14

i love the song, sad song for coz im inlove and i take care of him even his far from me,i gave this song to him, i cross my heart..but he left me with no reason, no message from him, since nov.24 i missed him soo much. my heart melting, he know me well, im falling inlove with you my love, DENNIS VILLS pls where are you now.

Love of my life | Reviewer: Richard | 2/12/13

When my wife an I were married we played the song in the chaple where we were married.When I was younge Dusky car broke down I picked him right out of sealy Texas,he played or me tha nght an we, ,georgegot him rolling the next day . George straiti hope you see this Ph#7132087791 about 2 tickets to the rodeo in Houston Texas.

Thank you, my love | Reviewer: Kathrine | 11/8/12

My husband and I sang this to each other while watching the movie Pure Country. A memory I will cherish the rest of my life. It says it all for me. This week my husband passed away. This song will be played at his memorial service and I am printing a copy for him to hold in his hand for forever. Thank you, my love, for every moment we had together. Love always, your Everything

awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/5/10

This is one of my favorite all time songs. I played this song to my husband a few weeks after we started dating. I don't know how many times the last eight years we've danced to this song and we danced to it for our first dance as husband and wife at our wedding. We never miss the movie "Pure Country" when its on TV and we always get up and dance to the song no matter where we are. Its "OUR" song and we both agree that it is a perfect compilation of the love and life we share together.

Da best song I've ever heard in my life | Reviewer: moata | 6/23/09

well it a very precious for me as I heard this song. I really felt that something sad inside me as I heard dis song from da first tim.

ooooppppsss I really love it and da first time I heard dis song is from the movie tittled "Dusty"
I love it and I really enjoy da song...

Tis is da best song I ever heard in my life....

How Cute! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/10/07

This song it just simply AMAZING! I met this guy that I really really liked, when we started going out after about 2 weeks for us being together he dedicated this song to me. It was SO sweet and perfect, because he doesn't look like the type of guy to dedicate such a sweet song to a girl, and I am so glad I was that girl! =)

i fell in love...... | Reviewer: anonymous texas ap | 10/25/07

not long ago i was at a party and THE GUY came over and asked me to dance this song! i was in shock because the only people dancing were couples... i had never realized how beautiful of a song that really was until i danced it with him. For that moment i felt like i was in an enchanted moment! yes ever since i havent stopped thinking of him. I love the song, i like this guy, and i cross my heart and promise to never stop loving GStrait!!!

wedding | Reviewer: Carrie Bishop | 8/17/07

When my husband and I were planning our wedding I had a hard time finding a song that wasnt a current typical wedding song and we searched and searched and couldnt agree on one but when we found this song we both started crying and said THIS IS THE SONG! I had heard the song before and always loved it but at that moment it became so different to me.

This song explain my feelings | Reviewer: Liz Crown | 5/12/07

Is a beautiful song , and explain the love that I want to give to my future husband.
I hear this song for first time because my ex boyfriend Jose TreviƱo M. give me it in a CD.
When i hear this song i always remember him and bring me the best memories.

George Strait tks for this amaizing song.

This song made me cry!! | Reviewer: Heather | 11/27/06

The first time I ever heard it, was when my boyfriend of almost 4 years sang it to me at a karaoke bar! I was never a George Strait fan, but I think between my boyfriend and the lyrics, I'm converted! It's an awesome song!

The Best Ever | Reviewer: Beth | 11/4/06

This song melted my heart the first time I ever heard it, and when it came time to coming up with my personal vows to say to the man of my life and Dreams at our wedding, this song came to mind..... This will be my vows to my man by music at our wedding....

melting me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/19/05

this song, the first time i heard it, just melted me. its such a sweet love song. my cousin had this song play when she got married, and its how i feel about my boyfriend. it just fills me with an unexplainable love.