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Performed by George Michael

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George... | Reviewer: PillBoy69 | 2/1/13

The song is referring to George's past success with Wham! but also shows a new side of himself as a new man, who is more cynical about the music business than he had been before.

outted himself | Reviewer: chrismac | 12/8/12

What a song writer...he mashed his dispute with sony and his homosexuality together and made a brilliant song...many a song in this era had an underlying meaning as you couldn't get away with what you can now, but, only the greats could do it so well !! he was a pioneer and a master still !!

Interesting, "Kristie" | Reviewer: Erik | 8/8/10

I believe that this song is George Michael's breaking away from his record label as well as coming out, in one big celebration of "freedom," so to speak. If you don't think this is true just look at the lyrics. Please don't try to analyze the lyrics, the are what they are and Geoge Michaels intent was to speak to this fact, not to have his lyrics analyzed so as to find an inner meaning.

Mnemonics-Great lyrics, multiplicity of inspirational meanings,... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/12/10

Great lyrics, multiplicity of inspirational meanings apply for a variety of subjective listeners. Hear in it what you like, tap your foot, But when you shake your ass, They notice fast
And some mistakes were built to last

That's what you get,... Mnemonics evolve every time you listen and think.

Duh! | Reviewer: Kristie | 3/3/10

This song is all about George Michael finally ending his contract with his record company...if you know anything about his career, you would KNOW this fact. The song was written very specifically as a celebration of him being no longer tied to a certain studio & management - it has NOTHING at all to do with him being homosexual or coming "out of the closet". Any readers that were actually around at the time this song was released would know this, as it was very well documented at the time.

good one george | Reviewer: Gus | 1/20/10

this is a message for all the false society to want you to be thinner or whatever. he was talking about he wants to be free michael you touch the key with this youre not the only one who wants freedom of this superficial world its hard to do but yeah we can.

good to see it in blk&wht | Reviewer: justalistener | 12/2/09

I always loved this song & as an 80s baby I grew up wit Wham & then solo George. I can see after reading that this man knew he was gay early on in his career but the industry wouldn't allow him to take the mask off....a real shame. Glad its all behind him now, no pun intended

FREEDOM ! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/21/09

I think he wants to express himself as an artist and have the "freedom" to be himself. He may feel that he was controlled like a puppet on a string by his "controllers". Thats what he calls "lies". He feels that he doesnt "belong to you, and I dont belong to you ! < meaning his puppet controllers".

Although he is an artist, he can never come out openly out of the closet. His "puppet controllers" wanted to portray him to their best advantage as a sex symbol for women. He is struggling for inner peace, and freedom as an artist and a gay man.

Happy and gay | Reviewer: spiritos | 8/11/09

I agree this is CLEARLY a song about his willing to come out of the closet (which took several years more and was accidental, or it apparently was).

I love him as an artist and musician.

" Heaven knows we sure had some fun boy
What a kick just a buddy and me
We had every big shot good-time band on the run boy
We were living in a fantasy
We won the race
Got out of the place
I went back home got a brand new face
For the boys on MTV
But today the way I play the game has got to change."

Kind of right... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/6/09

He was happy in WHAM! He left when he felt that the music he wanted to do "didn't fit into the idea of Wham!" The version of "Freedom" that Wham! recorded was a love song inspired by the motown sound. There is no correlation between the two. Also many of the reviews refer to breaking away from the Wham!image by burning the leather jacket and exploding the guitar. Those things were from the videos and tour associated with his solo album Faith, not the band Wham!

The Truth | Reviewer: T | 1/24/08

This song was done so that George could come "out of the closet". If you watch the video you can see it all so clear. MTV used George Michael as a "sex symbol" in the 80's. A pretty boy to attract the young teen-age girls and keep them watching. But the whole time knowing he was a gay man. When he did this song he was telling the record label and MTV that he was finally going to be the person he knew in his heart he truly was.He is burning the leather coat while it's "in the closet". He is destroying all of the things in his previous videos that MTV used to make him this "sex symbol" for all the girls. He wanted to be free to be an artist, and gay at the same time!! He was a helluva entertainer, and has a great voice, and hell we all would have drooled over him anyway. We just would have added the old, "he is just too hot to be gay" comment!! I'm happy he finally set himself free. We all deserve to be who we are in our hearts.

Freedom '90 | Reviewer: B Doy | 10/10/07

I'm pretty sure this song is about George being pigeon holed into a pretty boy from WHAM! that was more about looking good than sounding good. He was looking to make a name for himself that didn't involve WHAM! In the video for this song he blew up his guitar, jukebox and burnt his leather jacket that all were symbols of his WHAM! days. WHAM! had a song called FREEDOM and thats why George put "'90" on the end of this song; to show that this was a new year and a new type of freedom. The first stanza is about how he was a teen heart throb and in his youth, that was enough to satisfy him. Now he wants to be seen as a musician and artist. The second stanza is about how WHAM! was at the top of the charts but he realized there was more to life than this. I feel like the two refrains are Geroge speaking to his record label. They want him so be a sex symbol and play what his audience wants to hear. George wants to make his own music and if it is commercially successful then that is just a positive outcome.

He is looking for freedom from the WHAM! sex symbol image the record label developed for him and wants to be his own man and artist.

His Coming Out Song | Reviewer: Sasha | 10/9/07

In retrospect, it is so clear what he was trying to say about the traps he had fallen into in his successful career, and how he needed to be honest (and happy) about who he is as a gay person. No more facades, no more lies. The beauty of it is that his struggle applies to a lot of traps we get into, and our strugle for FREEDOM from them.

A song of independance | Reviewer: Dan | 7/11/07

I know the song is about separation, growth, and independance. As a Christian, it sounds to me like a battle between satan (all we have to now is take these lies and make them true somehow). A Christian (all you have to see is that i don't belong to me) and God; a constant source of encoragement (I won't let you down, please don't give me up have some faith in the sound it's the one good thing I've got).

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