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Performed by George Michael

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George Michael huh? | Reviewer: Zacharyrod | 10/29/13

I've been familiar with this song from my dad's music collection and the radio since I was in elementary, but I finally bothered looking up the lyrics and the author after hearing it again on a Japanese radio. Still a catchy tune. Definitely pop-rock.

First | Reviewer: Mr.Singer | 4/21/13

The first time I heard this song was like today, on the radio. I really enjoyed the beat of song. The music went perfectly with the lyrics. I really enjoyed listening to the song, and I my feets was like it too. One day I am going to sing that or practice the song, and I will make sure I keep in my heart.

faith faith | Reviewer: ramakrishna | 10/11/06

when i was in 1989--90 i used to sing one song from faith album in my school. its very crazy. every day i used to spend much time for this song especially evening and more time on saturs day. be cause of crazy that time . that music oh ... really ... i used put chacolate cover(made like doll) put on speaker and enjoed so much ..... and i kept in exhibetion this song .......................... so many things do i say ,,,,,,,,,,, but how can i expressssssssssssssssssssssss .....

george'm fan

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