I'm never gonna dance again | Reviewer: Mr.Gatsby | 8/3/13

This song is amazing... FLAWLESS!
I love it and it means a lot to me...
And I'm never gonna dance again,
Guilty feet have got no rhythm.
Though it's easy to pretend,
I know you're not a fool.
I should have known better than to cheat a friend,
And waste the chance that I'd been given.
So I'm never gonna dance again,
The way I danced with you.

Sax Solo | Reviewer: Kristen | 10/6/11

This song is amaaazing! I love it <3
But, the saxaphone solo gets a little annoying. Not because of the song, but because my friend plays it ALL. THE. TIME. So much so, I decided that I was going to play it on the flute and show him up:)

approaching to scense | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/6/11

hi dear George .. i enjoy of your creatures .. your songs are cool .. when i listen to this special song i am sure that i am going to remind for at least seconds of my childhood .. thanks .. God bless u dear artist

I LOVE THIS SONGGGGGGGGGGG | Reviewer: nooshin | 5/2/11

I'm irainian...Although it's a very old song but I never tired of listening to this perfect and beautiful song...I haven't listened to such a beautiful song like this all my life... I always spend my romantic times of my life with this song... it gives me a perfect feeling...

Stranger | Reviewer: Arman | 4/20/11

It''s a bit weird innit?I'm from Iran too and I think it's really easy to get any kind of music you want here than anywhere else on the planet earth cause you don't get a letter for torrenting stuff ! lol So,stop picturing an impossible reality for everyone and learn how to download.:p

great | Reviewer: anita | 4/5/11

i'm only 17 and i love this song i'm irainian so getting this kind of song is really hard for me but no matter how hard is this i have all GM's song but this one is GREAT it has lots of emotion in it just the way i like

so great | Reviewer: Thao | 9/21/10

i have listened this song for several time and i didn't even know who was singing this song.In fact i didn't feel its interesting but recently i have realized that this song is so emotional. i love the song careless whisper and i listen it all the time

Careless Whispers | Reviewer: Elba D Ramirez | 9/14/10

My daughter was a teenager in the 80's so she knew his songs. I knew the song but not the singer. One day, I asked her whowas singing this song and she said George Michaels. I never forgot his name. Listened to this song rover and over until I lost the cd. I will but it again because I love this sing. My favorite of GM.
I hope he learns his lesson about the news online. Sorry to hear that.

Sydney concert | Reviewer: Dominic | 3/1/10

Hello to all that read this site
On the 26th of february 2010 i had the pleasure of seeing George Michael live and let me tell you all the man is a true artis with a great voice , I love his music i have all his albums and i will continue to buy his musick no matter what, because one thing has nothing to do with the other ,So Elissa Bello i really think you need to get a life and stop concentrating so much on the private life of other people really you will feel better and people will like you more , Im a 39 year old male and im very straight and maried a beautiful woman , see my point one thing has nothing to do with the other !!! Great going George keep making that great music we love you .

what a emotional plea and truth for a regrettable careless mistake | Reviewer: Chinese MaMa Rosa | 11/14/09

Hi George Boy,
after so many years listening and sharing this song alone, and with good friends, I am still listening to you among some other music and attempting to strum Uke in Hawaii after retirement.Conclusively, Careless Whisper is still my all time favorite. Wish you well and happy in health and love. Please forgive some ignorant, shallow people who do not understand your pain/ or just simply you.

world of imagination | Reviewer: Ismael Osman | 11/12/09

I had the honor of listening to your song .. I assume that this song is perfect and when I listen to it I feel as if i am I am in imagination and I want to know why Elissa Bello is so offended of you.

Awesome! | Reviewer: lostinthe80s | 3/19/09

my favourite all time song. Some consider it as a lovesong but I view it as a song about guilt and remorse, and having experienced plenty of that, I can identify to the song proper. Listening to "Careless Whisper" is like a catharsis.

careless whisper | Reviewer: marygrace | 7/30/08

george you are a star.I listen to this song all the times.I just love this song,its so emotional.Infact all your songs are great.You have a great voice.Careless whisper i tell u that was a great song

Stay away from this evil | Reviewer: Elissa Bello | 12/23/07

george...you are a degenerate of the 1st order! You have a pact with the devil. I can never listen to your shit. You are a perveted degenerate. I can't even pray for you, though I am suppose to....... It is now showing on your face.
Shame on you

Go get exorcised!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sara's letter to george micheal | Reviewer: sara | 3/24/07

hey george micheal,i liked all your songs from the 80's the most one i liked is careless whisper.i listen to the song carless whisper all the time and i just love it.