That's All It Took | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/2/14

For several months not I have been trying to find the writer of this song. Until not I had only seen George Jones and D Edwards attached to it. But, I have never heard anyone sing it until I heard Gram Parson and Emme Lou Harris. Did any one do it as a duet before Parson and Harris. When I researched it, only their names came along. I met Emme Lou several years ago but did not make the connection with Gram Parson. I have enjoyed his music and he seemed to be more successful with the addition of Ms Harris. They seemed to join together nicely.

My Mother's Song | Reviewer: Connie Grier Lyions | 9/12/11

I love this song, my mother (Charlotte Grier Bowman) wrote this song in the mid 60's and George Jones recorded it. Sadly she died in 1987 of Cancer. She did not live to see the computer age and would never believe how many people have now heard her song because of the internet. I love and miss her very much!