BE GEORGE | Reviewer: FRANCIS | 5/25/14

Be kind thoughtful inspire others, be George! Be funny happy all smiles, be George! Be lovable love everyone be the words fill the world with faith and hope, be the greatest. From the moment I heard them in 1964, I knew that everything would change, and George was my inspiration, my brother, my mentor. Thank You We Love You!

His Spirit & Presence Lives on Forever! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/22/13

Not only was George Harrison an amazing musician, but an amazing human being as well. He could of laid down with the Beatles and road out his fame for 10 lifetimes, though he was a seeker of truth above all else. He was part of living in the solution for mankind not the problem, through exemplifying unity, love and brotherhood of all the peoples of the world. I am forever grateful for having lived in the same Ashram that George stayed at and was part of.

His song My Sweet Lord, though it pre-dates that year, was such a gift to us all, as was John's Imagine, both songs again leading us to more unity, away from the illusions of proprietary relationships with God that all religions covertly preach. See ya soon George,..Namaste

Never Give Up | Reviewer: Brad | 9/16/10

"Never give up" is the advice George received from his Dad. Never give up is also the advice George passed on to everyone who asked him for advice.

Never Give Up is also a great tribute to George written and performed by his friend and fellow band mate from The Star Club days, Roy Young.

He really is amazing. | Reviewer: Sara | 4/8/08

George Harrison truly is one of the most amazing musicians ever. He has an amazing distinctive voice and definitely incredible on the guitar and the sitar. He was unique, he was quiet, he was incredible. No other musician can nor ever will be able to imitate him nor compare to him. He has captured my heart through music and through his life.

love of geroge harrison's music | Reviewer: thomas p leach | 1/23/08

With permission by publisher could I use part of this biography for a class project in my graphic design class. Not all or part but just to get the idea for this project. The music world lost and talented person in Geroge Harrison when he passed.

He is the greatest guitar player in the world | Reviewer: Ardee | 12/30/07

My family is a fan of Beatles. My dad, my mother, and my big brother are fans of Beatles. George Harrison is the most brilliant man if i can say so. Because he, i can play guitar well. He's my inspiration. And i think, George Harrison is the greatest guitar player in the world. More than Paul, John, etc. Because i am from Indonesia, so i will write this in Indonesian style. Wow George Harrison, kau adalah idolaku!!

Love Harrison | Reviewer: Layla | 6/16/07

He is so cute and he does the best songs. He has the gentelist voice so you can just feel so relaxed when you listenyto his beatle's songs. I loved him in "A Hard Day's Night." If he wasn't dead I'd marry him.

hello. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/5/07

the beatles are an amazing group, i am doing a school project on them
i think that the song twist and shout is the besssssssst.

thanks for the music forever | Reviewer: kamari | 5/31/07

I know what it's like to be the youngest, the 3rd wheel. But you broke through with Within you without you. Thank you, George.

Most talented Beatle | Reviewer: steve | 5/18/07

While Lennon and McCartney got the accolades, those of us who are musicians have always known that Harrison was the most talented musician in the group. His slide guitar playing is as good as anyone in the world. He was also a great sitar player, and a very talented composer who was stifled by the autocratic duo of Lennon/McCartney.

Many years ago. | Reviewer: Irene Devlin | 5/9/07

In the summer of 1966,I won a contest from 16 magazine. The winner won a phone call from the Beatles.I was that winner,and for one and a half years I spoke to the lads almost every day. George was the first Beatle to call when I head his voice I cried I was only 15. What a thrill,I loved all of the boys.George brought out the best of me he instilled a confidence in me that I never had before. We spoke of many things,spiritually was one of the subjects that we had in common.I miss having our conversations,I miss him in this physical world. I will always love him.My prayers are with his family always. I really hope to see him in the spirit world.

George Harrison | Reviewer: Adam | 5/9/07

It annoys me that George Harrison is seen by most a inferior to both Lennon and McCartney. I used to think this until I started to listen to George's solo albums. I feel he has much more passion when he sings because the subject is always very important to him, be it God or love.. or both! Thanks George! You are sadly missed.

George Harrison | Reviewer: Alexander | 4/18/07

i am a fan of George Harrison and Beatles, Georg's Friands so i want to come see his son Dhani i saw a movie Concert for George and Concert for Bangaldesh i have his music his great arist all time i loved him

he means too much 4 me | Reviewer: jiji | 9/30/05

since he is in my life, i'm very different, well really i don't speak english, so I'll speak spanish: él es demasiado especial para mí es algo inflatable cada día, trajo a mí el deseo de saber acerca de la meditación trascendental, el inmenso amor que siento por la música, yo que ahora tengo 16 años soy una fanática de él y de los beatles, es algo extraño en Chile, pero quiero decir que desde que él llegó soy otra, sus letras en sus canciones cambiaron mi forma de ver la vida, realmente me siento agradecida con él.
Gracias George, Te amo