A reminder to love eachother and a glimpse into the heart of George Harrison | Reviewer: Shirley Jo Long | 7/29/13

I had heard this song many times and loved it. It was when I watched "The Concert for George" that I became overwhelmed with emotion. Billy preston made it feel like were in Church. But not the conventional kind. I think this song should be in everyone's music libray. If for no other reason to remind us that we often "do forget" how to treat one another. I miss you George.

It Takes Your Breath Away | Reviewer: Linus | 5/29/11

It was hard for me to believe that I had only listened to, like, five songs on the album(I have the remastered, eight song version) and completely bypassed this one! I was sort of in a dazed trance, the one I am put into listening to pretty much ANY Harrison song, and I just had to rate it "Like". Too bad there isn't a "Love" rating on my Zune, or I would have put that for sure. Rest in Peace, George. Love you forever.