By The Way | Reviewer: Don Skoller | 3/15/10

Just to give the devil his due, "Baltimore Oriole" --linked here to the late great Beatle,George Harrison-- was written by Hoagy Carmichael who also gave us "Stardust" and many other standards. George doesn't need the added recognition: no less an authority than Frank Sinatra said that his "Something" was the greatest love song of that half-century. But for "Oriole" check out Carmen McRae's version and maybe even moreso Chris Connor's and, for kicks, a somewhat eccentric (but delicious) version by the Four Freshman.

You can get a recording of it if you buy "somewhere in england" from 1981 | Reviewer: flemming olsen | 11/10/07

Hi - I dont know if you found it after you posted this question last year - If you only want the song itself (Baltimore Oriole), You can get it at for 0.73£ . Im a big fan of Harrison and can recomend most of his albums, if by any chance you like more than just one album I suggest you can get a recording of the album from which this song came. Its on George Harrisons LP/CD from 1981 called "Somewhere in England" which has some very good songs on it. It has been reissued recently (with a different cover and a few bonus tracks) as a part of an excellent box-set called "The Dark Horse Years" at 132 dollars, it includes almost all of his cds.
You can order it via most good musicshops or go online and buy it there. Look at they got the box set.

kind regards - and enjoy the music.

Flemming Filur Olsen, Copenhagen, Denmark

Barrett's take on it | Reviewer: david barrett | 11/1/06

One the mort poignantr songs I have ever heard. I love the play on words and the clever use of methaphor.

Where can I get a recording of it??