Answer | Reviewer: ewe2 | 4/16/10

For Devan: he is saying 'Sir Frankie Crisp' in a deep voice, if you listen carefully. Another way is to use out of phase stereo (by inverting one channel of the song in a digital copy for instance) to more clearly hear it. This won't work for half the time because his words are being panned from left to right, but you'll still catch it. Hope that helps!

question? | Reviewer: Devan | 9/29/06

This is not a review just a question. During the refrain of the song,
sort when the accoustic plays, theres a voice saying something, its really deep sounding(Billy Preston?), it sounds something "Your so fine.." i can't make out what its saying. If you listen to it loud enough you can hear it. Just wondering if anyone can clear this up for me.

The ballad of sir frankie crisp (let it roll) | Reviewer: Kier Smith | 8/6/04

brilliant, absolutely brilliant, i think the whole album is a masterpiece and why some of the songs especially this, (if it was written around george's time with the beatles) weren't used is beyond me, beautiful melody - george's voice is at it's finest.....really great song, 10/10 this and 'run of the mill' are george's finest moments on a record for maybe 'it's all too much'......Kier Smith - Nottingham.