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Performed by Genesis

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Lonelieness done beautifully. | Reviewer: S. Obermaier | 8/28/14

A beautiful song, i think, about a sailor from maybe 2 centuries back suffering the extensive lonelieness that sailors experienced back then.
Banks on the keyboard with more new sounds from his brilliant head developed with Yamaha etc!

For Duchess Christy Lynn LeDuc | Reviewer: Peter Blaine Christy Lynn | 4/1/13

She always had her own special way with my hand and my sad how Steve Hackett butchers the lyrics on his Genesis Revisited album...Christy, its been 27 years since you kissed me goodbye and I still get butterflies thinking of your sweetness. I will obviously always love you my princess...

Your Own Special Way by Genesis | Reviewer: Wendy | 11/18/09

My favourite song. More like dreams than songs when you listen to Genesis. Strange the things you see in your minds eye.
To me this song is about a great sailing ship on a brilliant day and at the end a great leap from the water by a jolly merman who take your hand and pulls you overboard and beneath the waves.
Funny eh?
Wish they'd written for video games.

Bobberness | Reviewer: Robert Juchovedski | 6/24/07

I like the song. It's sweet, and romantic.

Long live the waffles.

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