A first in the rock world | Reviewer: Heredius | 12/20/10

The introduction of this song contained what is believed to be the first example of guitar fretboard tapping...long before Mr. Van Halen made the concept popular. Steve Hackett has been cited as Eddie's influence.

This Plant is 100% Real! | Reviewer: E Fig | 5/25/09

If you don't believe me just Google Heracleum mantegazzianum. That's the plant's latin/taxonomic name.

I loved this song as an adolescent and often listened to the classic Genesis record album ( made of vinyl ) after having inhaled the vapors of another type of weed during that time.

I was first made aware of the actual existence of the real hogweed in a documentary type film on Sweden by Swedish filmmaker Jan Troell. Apparently Sweden had some problem with an infestation by the Giant Hogweed in the early 70's ( or so ) in it's Baltic coastal region.

Which BTW was about exactly the time Genesis released this song.

Attempts were made to eradicate the plant from Sweden but that also being an era of "equal rights" and other such similar social issues there was some pressure from certain ( hippie-type ecologic "left wingers" ) groups in the country to allow the plant to remain. With an argument that the plant had just as much right as any other to remain and live in Sweden.

I'm not certain how that particular controversy ended up playing out. But I'll ask my brother about it since he now lives in that general region. ( southern coastal Sweden )

It would also be quite interesting to hear what Peter Gabriel might have to say about all this.

Coming attractions | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/6/07

This song should scare you. Gabriel was a scarey person back then--perhaps still is. This song is about the dangers of imperialism and trying to dominate nature. Nature will get you back. The Hogweed will return, the flood will come, and many cities will be flooded like London and Calcutta. Turn and run!

Giant Hogweeds Scare Me | Reviewer: Darius Lundberg | 9/28/07

I don't like this song because it is not a normal love song with nice lyrics in it. It is scary and makes me nervous about the giant hogweeds. I hope they are not coming. We need to kill them. I do not like songs like this.