awsom band!! | Reviewer: wade huston | 4/7/11

Yay! you have to say they surely don't make music like that anymore, accually, they don't make much "music . " anymore !! the lyrics to some of the genisis songs are pretty freaky, but at least there not talken about "hate" "greed" "or bitches" . love me some genisis !!

Genesis 2007 Pittsburgh concert | Reviewer: Mark Setar | 9/11/07

Saw the boys in Pittsburgh 9 September 2007 (for the third time) and even though their hair's a little thinner and grayer they were certainly at the top of their game. In other words, they rocked the house!!

And the sound....impeccable.

These guys have been making music long enough and certainly know how it's done. Like I tell my young boys the true sign good music (ie classic rock) is something that was made 20-25 years ago and still sounds as good today as back then.