Thoughts on One For The Vine lyrics | Reviewer: C Gibson | 10/4/07

I don't know if the lyrics refer to any specific person or situation in history. This has been one of my favorite songs lyrically and musically since I was a mid-teen, and I have pondered its meaning constantly.

I believe that it is about the essential rebellious nature of youth, the sincere desire to strike out on a different path than what is expected (familial, societal), and discover and develop one's own voice - often impulsively. Many elements of adult society seem drab, hyprocritical, and outright dangerous to a teen. The more spirited among us often declare that we will "do things differently." Yet, the path to maturity has its inevitable direction, we encounter circumstances beyond our evident control, and sure enough one day we look up and find that we are as those same adults we swore we'd never become. Think of the boy who pursues an artistic vocation only to end up taking over his father's business or the woman who discovers that as an adult she frequently feels like a carbon copy of her mother. The moment we make these discoveries about ourselves is generally the moment it appears that our youthful selves have truly, alas, "vanished into air." Our priorities and sense of identity have matured, and the motivations of adults that we could never fully have understood as kids are now all too evident and all too relevant.

Anyway, those are just my thoughts on the lyrics. I always find listening to this song to be an incredibly moving experience.

"One For the Vine": Sources? | Reviewer: Judas's Carry Out | 7/23/07

Besides being a beautiful swan song for Genesis' symphonic prog era, this epic from "Wind and Wuthering" is some type of exegesis regarding war and religion. Does anybody know the specific literary/historic source for the lyric? Example: "Eleventh Earl of Mar" which proceeds it, is about a little known Scottish rebellion in 1715.