meaning? | Reviewer: passerby | 6/1/07

my mom is a huge fan of Genesis/Phil Collins, so I trust her memory on this one; she said there was an interview with him once, regarding the 1983 Genesis album, and when asked about 'Mama', he said it was about abortion; seems to make sense with the lyrics, if you read over them again

Uh... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/10/07

To the guy who reviewed before me, the lyrics are about a hooker. Not a slow descent into madness or whatever, dumbass.

Great, relaxing, sinister but yet soothing | Reviewer: Patrick | 3/7/07

I don't know the song performed by Genesis themselves but i do know a band called Tarot. This is a melodic heavy metal band and they covered the song and it has become a very great cover :D I like it, it reminds me of a very sucking time though so that's a disadvantage.

The song is great!!

Good Relaxing | Reviewer: Alex | 7/10/06

This is one of the greatest and best known songs by Genesis. The lyrics do indeed make you think as it seems to go from one aspect to another and your not exactly sure what hes going through. The slow progression into madness perhaps from the loss of his mother or a reflection in earlier life from when he last saw her as hes going through hardships, very well constructed.

Great | Reviewer: Walle Bappe | 6/22/06

This song is perhaps one of the greatest songs of genesis. Its got there symphonic rock sound from there early years. This song could be played over and over and you would not get tired of it. The lirycs make you think.

My personal favourite genesis song is land of confusion.