Uncensored Meaning | Reviewer: It's Pat | 11/4/12

It's a song about men being dickhed-like thieves for their own gain and oppressing those who seek happiness. It is a song of idealism that must unfortunate dark realities due to lack of cooperation.

Double meaning | Reviewer: Wojtek Bobilewicz | 10/6/10

The way I see it, one meaning of the song is of a man who has been kidnapped by aliens and has seen a better world created by them but has to lie about being robbed and mugged and kidnapped by thugs as nobody would believe him and he would be an object of ridicule.

But the song can also be about our longing for a world made of light, with peace and love and happiness but big corporations and governments hide the truth of it being possible hidden from us, instead keeping everything "In the Dark"...

Non-literal meaning of song | Reviewer: Turbo | 6/12/10

I think this song is a disguised story about the band members life on the road. Then they come home and must tell lies to their families even though they believe they have not done anything wrong. They see the world as beautiful and wish they could tell their lovers and kids. But, they know their families would not understand.

awesome! | Reviewer: Taylor Biardi | 11/22/07

this has got to be one of genesis' best songs ever.
overall, its a great story
and i hope that the "man reported missing"'s views on the alien's world

comes here

Eternal | Reviewer: Bob Johnson | 8/20/05

One of the best songs, musically and lyrically ever performed.